Apple accused of tax evasion

manygoodtips.com_30.09.2014_tbUtSJNSTRfrVThis week the European Commission performing functions of the Antimonopoly regulator of the EU, will present the first results of an investigation regarding the tax Affairs of Apple in Ireland and will publish a formal accusations against the leadership of the company. But the company predicts Apple threatens big fines for the use of questionable tax schemes supported by the government of Ireland.

We are talking about covering up a $137,7 billion in offshore.

In June of this year, the European Commission announced the initiation of an investigation case against Apple, which was suspected of tax evasion. European Commissioner for competition Joaquin Almunia stated that the Commission has serious doubts about all the deals the Apple. It was on the agreement pricing, when companies can redistribute profit among its divisions located usually in different countries, and thereby reduce total tax payments.

In may 2013, one of the committees of the U.S. Senate published a report in which it was reported that the government of Ireland allowed Apple to pay tax on a profit of less than 2% at a regular rate of 12.5%. It was argued that in the last four years, Apple paid a very small amount of corporate tax or not pay it at all on revenue of $74 billion, using loopholes in the tax laws of Ireland.

Office Apple opened in Ireland in 1980. The company denied the use of any illegal schemes at work in this country.

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