Appeared the first photos of mountains on Mars!


To send to Mars, the machine-Curiosity Rover was a great idea. Now scientists have taken the Rover directly to a mountainous area «Mount Remarkable». Not to say that is a mountain is a hill with a height of five meters. The plan was for the Rover was to use a robotic arm to collect samples of a very remarkable soil on the mountain. Last week at a distance the Rover has found a strange glowing object which has caused many disputes of scientists. Someone believes that it’s the Martians kidding, but someone more down-to-earth thinks that it is not more than a stone with a glossy surface. Now, the Rover has to crawl to this point, then continue on your way to 5.5-mile mount sharp to study its soil.

These impressive images obtained by the satellite Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is at a distance of 320 kilometers from the surface of Mars. Look how clearly visible trace of the tracks of the Rover, you can easily trace its path. Expected new discoveries!

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