App for gossip on smartphones

manygoodtips.com_23.05.2014_jfiycvFHrPONdPreviously, the app Secret was only available in the AppStore and only for users from the United States, and it has recently appeared on Google Play. Now share your secrets can smartphone users from other countries — and this does not have to be the owner of the iPhone.

To enroll in the program, you must enter your phone number and email address. The app finds the secrets shared by people from the contact list of the user, and shows them to him. One snag: it is impossible to find out who owns the mystery. Reminds the public «Overheard» — its interactive version.

The application is the principle of social networks: history can be a like, to see what secrets are like friends and share their secrets. If your friends app Secret is not popular, and can be read the secrets of strangers. Below your post I saw as many people as possible, you can visually design it and thereby to attract attention. feels hot gossip! But rejoice too early: application is not Russified, but it is bad. The other drawback was the lack of Russian content. The case for small: during the year the developers have promised to translate the program into other languages and engage in international development. Let’s wait!

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