Anything requires sacrifice


Constantly the same: the beauty demands victims. Art requires sacrifice. So any useful thing requires sacrifice, if you think about it. Often, for the sake of something cool we have to give up something less steep.

What kind of sacrifices?

When someone says that word, we immediately think of the act of self-sacrifice for the sake of someone else; that depriving yourself of something important for someone else’s well-being. Comes to mind the image of a soldier who sacrificed their lives to save from the fire the whole company.

All this garbage. Sacrifice is not always altruism. Sacrifice is when you give up something in favor of something else that has a bofgreater value. The victim does not constitute a waiver of something without benefit to themselves. It means giving up something in favor of what to you has greater value.

However, this does not diminish the value of the victim. Instead of seeing the benefit of the victims in the waiver benefit for themselves, you have to wonder about the system of values. It will explain everything much better. People living for family or friends, values them very highly. Isn’t that commendable?

The law of donations

Now, we find out for ourselves what it means to sacrifice, and can even establish that there is a law of donations. What is its essence? Very simple: to get something, you have to give something in return. For the sake of gaining something more valuable you have to give something less valuable.

Today’s society tries to deny the need for sacrifice in exchange for the purchase of anything. We are trying to prove that we can get something without giving anything in return. «Lose weight without giving up your favorite food!» «Get in shape without long workouts!» «Get rich without working!» The denial of the law of donations is the basis of any of the loan and of all of our debts. The dream to be whatever it is without any donations, for its part, is very seductive.

However, this is only a dream. You always have to pay. If you want to lose weight, you have to give up fast food and chocolate. If you want to be in shape, have to exercise regularly. If you want to buy something big and important, you have to work hard and save money.

Of course, sometimes the fame and fortune get someone just from parents or by chance. The law of giving is still not the law of gravity, but this does not prevent him to act. At least remember the guys who won the lottery and aimlessly squandered your winnings.

This is the beauty of the law of donations. There is only one path that leads to the goal, and the path will teach you how to handle the received benefits. The victim not only leads you to the goal, but shapes your behavior.

Why is it important to understand this law?

The ability to separate the wheat from the chaff and to discern truth from falsehood is absolutely essential to life for several reasons.

First, the denial of the law of donations does not give you develop. To achieve the goal, we must move forward, and then something will inevitably remain behind you. The man who believes that he can obtain anything without sacrifice, trying to hold in their hands all at once, so doesn’t refuse. Instead of going forward, he stretched both horizontally and continues to sit on your butt.

When I wrote about this, I am reminded of the movie «Indiana Jones and the last crusade», namely the moment when the heroine tries to simultaneously escape from hitting his head of the temple, and hold the Holy Grail and eventually die. Indiana Jones is also trying to save the Grail, but in the end realizes that it can be done only at the cost of his life, and refuses to plan, because life is more important to him than a tiny bowl. In my opinion, a very illustrative example.

Lack of understanding of the law of donations leads us to a life full of disappointments and frustrations. When you believe you can have everything without giving anything in return, you will never accept and will not be able to enjoy what they chose. For example, sometimes I miss my home and the city, but would I go back there and abandon all that we have now? Not at all. I deliberately sacrificed a homey feel for the new life.

When we refuse to acknowledge the need of victims and subconsciously keep in mind the idea that you can have it all, it makes us unhappy. You travel around the country in search of adventure, but miss family and friends. Admit it: you couldn’t get the same experience staying at home. You may wish to change women like gloves, but you don’t want to sacrifice for the sake of their strong relationship. You must come to terms with the fact that life is a constant process of exchange and in order to get something, always have something to give.

Athletes sacrifice time with family and friends to develop their skills. The actors sacrifice their quiet and obscure life for high-paying jobs where they can apply their talents. Tired heavy and nervous work, sacrifice higher salaries for a more peaceful life.

If you don’t like what you chose, it is because you chose what you think is more valuable than what you had to give. The law of giving is always consistent with our values. If you’re in bad shape, then you appreciate the ability to eat what I want when I want, and a beautiful body to you less valuable. If you do not build a career, so the family was always more important to you. If you don’t have the patience to achieve some goal, then you think that it is quite important.

Therefore, the most important question we can ask ourselves is not «What am I willing to do to achieve the desired?», and «what am I ready to give up?»

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