Any goal can be achieved in three steps

how to achieve goalsOn the Internet I came across the results of studies that show that the human mind could only count to three (or five, sharing information on the model 3+2). We suggest to plan on the day over three important cases, and in traditional culture is the «magic number» shoved in any place: in the tales of different actions also occur three times.

I don’t know how the theory works, however, if you think about it, the way to any goal consists of three steps (sometimes even very large). All other tips are grafted onto this core, as a layer in the wafer. The analogy of a wafer can be deployed more widely: it is unlikely you will have separate sugary cream, while to bahromkami waffles without cream. The main thing is the Foundation and everything else will follow. Let’s look at examples.

Goal: a body like a fitness model


1. Three workouts a week.

2. Proper nutrition (eggs, coregrid, vegetables and the like).

3. A good night’s sleep.

All these steps need to be taken for several years, but the result will please you.

That’s all.

There is no «single magic secret.»

There is no «top 10 things that will help you…»

There is no «science has found a new way to…»

Any business can be reduced to a simple scheme, discipline, experimentation, and perseverance in the face of failure. Consistently implement its three-step and five-fifteen years will be.

Another example?

To be a noble, charismatic and popular

1. Understand how you within five minutes you can affect someone else’s picture of the world, pales in comparison with what affects man throughout his life. In other words, don’t expect to open someone’s eyes, will change his view of life or shed light for him on what seemed to him a mystery.

2. Let me speak to others. Explain on a personal level: let your mouth be closed more often than open. Explain at the social level: from time to time to arrange events, which are assumed to invite people.

3. Do the following: invest time, compliment, pay attention, communicate with enthusiasm, introduce people to each other, give gifts, give back debts, to give advice in those situations when necessary and due to the social Protocol.

I went! Another example:

Have a lot of money

1. Work.

2. Don’t spend all your salary.

3. Invest.

To pass for an intellectual

1. To read.

2. Listen to podcasts.

3. To communicate with people that are authority for you or at least follow the first two items (bonus if they are experts in interesting question or were themselves engaged in research in this area).

Find a girlfriend

1. To talk to girls that you think are attractive.

2. Invite them on a date.

3. To converge.

Be your own boss

1. Learn some useful skill: programming, plumbing, layout for the real thing, not shifting papers on the table.

2. To offer their services to those who need them.

3. When growing clientele, hire someone who will perform the tasks that you don’t like or seem boring. That someone at the same time you will have an assistant and can do most of the work, and you (wow!) head.

What is the main idea of the post? No, I do not claim to universality of these calculations. Just want you to understand that very often you complicate things, scare myself and because of fear do not take over. A simple plan you can come up with to achieve almost any goal. Along the way, will deal with the details.

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