Another life: why wouldn’t you do anything unusual?

It just so happens that most of us will do nothing in this fucking life. Someone’s after the students, and someone never. Why? Yes, because we do not consider that it is okay to do something unusual because we are Mature thoughtful people and blah-blah-blah. Somehow the adult in understanding of many companions is the one who goes the safe route, which was one generation of people after another. To deviate from this path — a luxury that instantly absolves you proud of being a Mature and thoughtful personality that knows what she wants in life. But there are quite a few of the reasons why you’re scared to get out of protoporoi way to do something big or creative. Today we’ll prove to you conclusively that there is no reason to worry and no real reason to not do what he likes. Want to vacuum the endless snowy steppes in Kolyma? Please! Want to work as a geologist for God’s sake! Want to make indie games, go ahead!

1. Comfort zone

It is much easier to be mediocre than to try to be better than others. It is easier to be good only in 1C than to be good in several programming languages. Hard to do something right now, but just wait until tomorrow. You hate your job, but can’t go to look for a new because you are afraid to stay without work. The idea to do something new, you feel terrible.

It all boils down to the fact that you’re scared and embarrassed to leave their traditional way of life. New scares and repels.

2. You care what other people think

All the people are sure to be as bad, but unfortunately, they do not go to this belief until the end. Like people all of a such a unique snowflake, but not quite understand how people can hitchhike and to wear clothes of the XIX century in some strange events? While the differences from other people are not too hurt the eyes and are within certain allowable limits, all the way through. But if you suddenly fall out of the General stream and want to draw arts for Board games and not to work as a clerk, you can become an outcast. Or just some strange.

Many people it’s scary. Frustrating when your friends and family turn away from you, thinking that you haven’t grown up or your head is not all right. But how famous people became so because they went against the wind? There will always be unhappy, will always be those who will abandon you. Such a life!

3. You think you know enough

If you are sure that the school, Institute and a few courses are enough, we give you: you know nothing! Just remember this phrase and use it always. Realize that you don’t know very much and even more do not know. Even if you’re a genius in some area, this stops you from having to learn more and more. Constantly read, constantly learn new things, because when you stop, you will become mediocre and lose the ability to look critically at themselves. Only in the eternal forward motion and eternal knowledge makes sense. «I know that I know nothing!»

4. You’ve read enough for work and generally

Proud to have not read a single book in my life is the same, that proud to know a hundred words, and you have to communicate with your friends. An inexperienced person is difficult to read. No wonder that recent studies show that modern man can not master the text more than five thousand words. Him a lot bukaf!

There are people who enjoy reading books for work and study, siliva huge masses of text, but to read something from literature or, God forbid, on the history and philosophy they are not. They say, that makes no sense. Fiction is not so colorful as the films shown on the big screens, and historical records and works of philosophers generally nonsense kind of ridiculous. In fact, knowledge of history and different points of view really helps in life, mainly due to the fact that forms your view of the world and allows you to borrow someone else’s experience.

5. You lack of curiosity

The most important thing for any living being is a curiosity. Children at an early age trying to try the whole world on the tooth and touch it. Cats at any age are constantly looking for something new and trying to hide in any box or hole he can find. I wonder why people in adulthood lose this feature?

When we get some questionable news, we never check the source and look at other points of view. We immediately trust her, or eavesdrop on other people’s words about it, and then accept someone else’s opinion over your own. The thirst for knowledge in us died seems to be still in school. Instead of learning how to draw or work well with any program we look at funny videos on Youtube, created by someone else. We download new apps like Secret, but we never came up with the idea to do this yourself, and it doesn’t get the right popularity, not for money, but in General! As if curiosity is a bad thing.

6. You don’t ask questions

An incomprehensible mission? Why not explain the main your job? No, you prefer to silently perform the task, and then to quarrel with superiors, because all wrong.

And again a strange anecdotal information came to you? Where is she? «Why would I know? — you will answer, is not so important for life!»

You don’t know why I think so, and not otherwise, because I never set myself the very simple question: «Why do I think so?»

7. You can’t stand the truth

Alas, you don’t even know that I know for sure. I don’t care what you’re convinced of something: that can be faked. Do you prefer to keep your head in the sand instead of having to see the bitter truth. When you had ambitions, some makings, but you finally killed them with the help of six of the things described above. Of course, change is never too late (if you’re not ninety years old), but for this we need to understand (to understand) these simple truths. However, we do not expect that one simple article can help you to change.

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