Another level of Masturbation

Even in the twenty-first century, talking about Masturbation is quiet, how about the conspiracies of the black hundreds during the establishment of Soviet power. People even do not want to admit that they regularly masturbate. But they do it! Shame, shame, shame! And do it the old-fashioned way-by hands, so no one would know of their «terrible secret» at all and so understand how things are. But sooner or later our hearts will bother to hide from prying eyes. We understand that there is no shame in pleasure, and hence there is nothing shameful in effect. And how did it reinforce in our time, cyborgs, computers and artificial intelligence? Different ways — one more than the other, and without science even has not been.



KIIROO is an innovative device that is a masturbator. But it’s designed not for single men, because it is possible to take the vibrator ONYX — give it to a friend. The beauty of these two toys? Will not believe, but they are connected to each other via the Internet. That is, if your friend stayed home when you went on a business trip, you can give her a vibrator and then contacted her on Skype. And when it will begin its long (or not) the use of the vibrator, the masturbator will move in time to the movements of a friend. You can control its vibration, stroking the touch panel on the housing KIIROO. It turns out a cool opportunity to be with his girlfriend in the distance.On the other hand, not everyone wants to see their girlfriends when masturbating, and so this masturbator can be set to a special 3D video — so you will get those sensations experienced hero porn (the men’s appearance, of course). It is clear that it is an imitation of sex, but a simulation that is as close as possible to reality. The functionality of the masturbator is such that he does everything for you automatically, and inside it installed 10 of the connecting rings, which are «doing» (or not say) is absolutely accurate sense of the penetration of the vagina. If you want to reach a new level of online sex, buy and masturbator and vibrator. If you want to be proud of anonymous, it is recommended to restrict the masturbator and from time to time to watch him in 3D films.



Also the masturbator, but it has its own unique features. First, it is made of very delicate material, which is called Superskin — this material most likely mimics the skin. But the famous Fleshlight masturbators especially the fact that most of them is a copy of the vaginas, mouths and Asses of the most famous pornstars. To name just a few notable names: Asa Akira, Christy Mack, tori black, Jesse Jane and Stoya. Sure a few names you know. Now imagine that the manufacturer has made casts of the merits of the stars and now you’re already at the physical level can get close with the girl dreams. If pre-heated masturbator, that generally receive the Nirvana squared.

In General, the company Fleshlight is very remarkable. It was founded by Steve Shubin who has received the status of multimillionaire. But he earned that money, not just on the exploitation of the sex industry. He invented a masturbator in the years when his wife was pregnant, and the doctors forbade him to have sex — it was a blow that returned Steve to Masturbation, but it was the strike that gave rise to the concept of the future engineering. We’re talking about a masturbator, which looked so unassuming that resembled a flashlight. The form was carefully considered, that this device could be put on the table without fear that uninvited guests in something you suspect. But the whole point in the filling, which was really at the highest level. What came company, Steve Shubin? To the fact that she has sold 80 million masturbator worldwide — a success that has transformed the company into an icon Shubin of the sex industry.


But without the Japanese company Tenga material on sex toys for men would be incomplete. Japan has long formed the unique sexual culture that was expressed in rational freedom in terms of sex. For example, in the Heian period (794 — 1185) of Japanese aristocrats created a unique phenomenon — the harem, which was not tied to one place, which excluded a quarrel between the wives. The fact that women stayed at home my parents where of a noble Japanese man came to read poetry and to indulge in love joys — if a girl is annoyed, he changed the location, and everything is repeated again. Manners were free.


Today, Japan is at the forefront of the sex industry. The Japanese invent the craziest, unique and destroy the laws of physics toys. And traditionally, the industry in Japan is more sharpened by the male audience, not female. Although it is possible to say that everything is evenly distributed. Great attention to representatives of the company paying Tenga engineering and automation of the process of Masturbation. Also not overlooked is convenience of use and ease of transportation.For example, there is a masturbator like Flip0 — it’s heavy, but comfortable to use. The thrill of it is something that you can’t pass through the hands and even through a simple message. The shape is so unique that you get a completely different experience, which is the result of professional engineering.

Not going to gloss over the existence of another masturbator — Tenga Air-Tech. It features a thick «rib» in the middle with a tapered base for additional stimulation of the penis. This vacuum masturbator, which can work with different power can be adjusted, if you close your finger to the air hole on top of the masturbator.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre


Don’t worry, this Cobra bite will not, but will bring you pleasure, and quite another property than the masturbator. To begin with, that Fun Factory Cobra Libre is a vibrator for my husband. But don’t worry — no one you have nothing to put not going to, but you can experience orgasmic pleasure from this toy.

«Cobra» can be used in two ways. The first method is the most simple: put the device on the head of your cock and begin to understand what stimulation of vibration. The Germans awarded their toy a large number of modes, so that is where carousing. But if you don’t like to stick your head anywhere, you can use the second method (alternative) is placed in a «nest» of the vibrator my balls. It’s not dangerous — don’t worry. What is the benefit? If you had an experienced girl, you know the beauty of the sensations experienced by a porn star after will say of his passions: «Lick my balls».

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