Angry dog: why emotions get out of control


Five minutes ago you were calm as a cucumber, but now in your veins pulsing with blood, pupils dilated, and his face is filled with red paint. You in anger, ready to bomb the poor of Hiroshima, but you could, and you don’t understand what happened, because special reasons to be angry were not. If you are experiencing similar feelings, it means that you should be treated. With the help of self-control, not medicines, because the anger that was a natural feature of a hungry CRO-magnon, today you is only a hindrance. It does not allow the brain to think calmly why you do stupid things that you regret a lifetime.

Composure is a trait of winners, you need to adopt if you want to climb higher in the career field, and in the field of human relationships. But first you need to find out the cause of the storm that breaks you up inside when you get angry.

1 Fear We have already said that anger is an ancient feeling that we in some way provided the service. How? In a moment of fear. After all, when we feel fear, our body is ossified, we are afraid to move, the brain works palanee. In a moment of anger, the brain is not force, but at least it gives the team the hands and feet. Anger creates a false sense of control over the situation, which is always nice, especially in critical moments. But we don’t live in the iron age, but because of our fears come from problems that require a rational approach. And if we rely on anger to solve problems never.

2 Helplessness

A feeling of powerlessness and helplessness like fear, but his nature is different. This feeling can be born at work, in relationships, in sex and health — it absorbs a person and makes him a bug, which every passer-by may easily crushed. This feeling is so awful that we prefer him to hate, but nevertheless, it is important to find solutions to problems, and anger you will only aggravate. So count to 10 and look at the problem from different angles. 3 Frustration Anger can also be the result of banal frustration. Imagine that before you get to work you spent in traffic for ages. Then try to catch the clog on Breakfast and come for an hour or two later, and you off — you have the right. But the frustration remains, and then appears the same anger that you do not decorate. Disappointment only need a few seconds to pour you a great dose of hatred for the world.

4 Bad experience


Some things vividly remind us about past wrongs. You saw some stuff and remembered that this thing beat you grandfather when you are young and stupid. The past reaches out for your throat moldy claws and you’re starting to get angry. The past has a serious impact on our actions, decisions and emotions. But the power of the bad experience to destroy is easy — just remember that we live here and now, and that the past has nothing to do with you.

5 bad habit

It is possible that for you, this reaction turned into a bad habit. You’re just using the anger of the parameters «default» and the people around you beg to give you comments. Sometimes anger is a great way to solve the problem quickly, when you oppose some less strong-willed person, but this will change, and anger will eventually turn away from you loved ones. 6 Attrition may Be that you’re just tired, too tired to cope with stressful situations as an adult. In these cases, you turn to anger to solve the problem as soon as possible. For example, when young parents want to sleep, and the child continues to whine, they often fall down. Don’t even know what to advise you in such cases, try to seek the assistance of loved ones.

7 Jealousy Yes, jealousy is a rotten shit that has ruined many, many people. Jealousy itself is already bad. But combined with anger is especially explosive mixture that often leads to crime, e.g., assault and murder. Jealousy need to get rid of, because it is a destructive feeling that nothing can give you, but can select the most important.

8 the Desire for approval


Angry not only self-confident people (the minority), but also people who suffer low self-esteem. Last looking for approval from their colleagues to improve own confidence, but they do not always receive good answers. And it can be painful. So that the pain immediately goes into anger towards the team. The cure for this trouble is simple — work on your self esteem and remember that you can’t love someone until you love yourself. 9 Pain Is probably the most everyday cause of anger. You just physically hurt. For example, your finger has fallen wardrobe, and now you have to lie in a cast in bed for the next three weeks. What do you feel? Of course, anger. This is a natural reaction. Even the priest swearing when he hits himself with a hammer on the nose.

10 Manipulation If you are a genius of manipulation, you use anger as a tool. A lot of people will say that it is unconscionable and immoral. But if it works, then why not? You go to your goal, and that the road was smooth and the breeze, the ability to manipulate will not be superfluous. It is possible that your anger is just such a character. However, it is better to look around and understand to whom your efforts. It may be that among the people you manipulated, some are close, the loss of which will destroy your life. I don’t think that’s what you want.

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