Angry birds pelted the cars of deputies of the Parliament of stones

There is justice in the world! Sometimes you want to believe it!

Cars of deputies of the Parliament of the Sverdlovsk region was pelted with stones. The role of the vandals in the best traditions of games Angry Birds made angry crows.

From the blog of one of the deputies became aware that birds had gathered stones in a rock garden located on the roof of the legislative Assembly, and, flying over parked in front of the Deputy’s car, threw off their heavy «ammunition» down.

«Yes, Yes, bombard! And smashed the Windows of two Camry and a Mercedes. I really don’t know whose it was the car, but I saw a crow drop the stone and melted for new on the balcony,» says one of the deputies in his Twitter. The loss of the birds is really decent. The rock dropped from this height is a fairly frail weight if I remember school physics course, each so decent dents were even good German cars.

Why do crows do in the spirit of the Bigfoot from present history is unknown, but people in social networks to discuss what happened to the inspiration and taste. Many bloggers notice that angry birds, and evolved, have become a good deal in politics, so took decisive action in contrast to the modern Russian «belolentochnikov».

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