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manygoodtips.com_18.05.2015_GIT8i0AHKzAYIThis topic always generates a mess and spreads smelly arrow with your «Internet». Although it would seem, what’s the point to be measured «yaykami» and hoarse arguing which is better: «Apple» or «Android»? Anyway, you didn’t invent it, not come up with a basic app, you just bought something that has enough money. Both are good. Doubt – buy a new one. Don’t put your fucking opinion in someone else’s soul.

But, of course, all this deep shit. And we are trying to be in the trend, drop the shit on the fan. Because we hate the thought that many owners of the «Android» in the discussions act like you have the «iPhone» and watered linguistic filth of your smartphone, we decided to make a compilation of what I can do units of the company with the green men and do not know how the units of the company Apple.

And if we did not write, so we don’t want to write it.

And yet, you may start gossip that we paid Android. Hah, if only!.. The article is based on facts. And if your «Ivanovo» heart something hurt, I’m sorry, it’s not us, it’s all facts.

And should not be bombed. You don’t think that we don’t write the same become about the advantages of Apple?

1. Amendment 1

Android gives more chances to feel independent. Enough to go to the store, buy the battery yourself and replace it. With Apple such tricks will not work, it is difficult to remove the cover «iPhone» itself, with no specific skills.

2. Multitasking

On some Android phones you can open multiple apps at once. And Tim cook as before makes its customers to enable «multitasking».

3. One hole at all

You can charge the phone with any micro USB cable. Absolutely. Once on the booze with a dead phone, you don’t have to worry. If you have a Samsung, and your friend Huawei, then easily stick your charger in their offspring. Android is phone mutual aid. Enjoy it, because each new model of iPhone» its charging. Apparently to you if anything went out and bought a new, not inherited from my grandmother.

4. TV

Some Android phones come with the option of micro HDMI connection: Yes included adapter, you can connect your mobile to the TV devil. With the «iPhone» such tricks are too and there gorgeous, but the adapter must be purchased separately.

5. Memory

Android with ease, no cheat methods allows its owner to increase a cherished memory, just changing the microSD card – a sensitive issue for all smartphone users. Although, if you remove all 150 of attempts to make the right selfie, memory will be many times more.

6. A wonderful touch

Not know, plus or no plus, but swiping your finger across the screen «Android» from top to bottom, offers a fantastic view on a large number of settings. Indeed, very convenient.

8. More features

On Android there are a lot more opportunities to customize than Apple. More and nothing to add. Another question, will you use all these settings?

9. Own boss

In fact, many it greatly simplifies life. Ask me what? Well, for example, the fact that you can add widgets to the home screen of your Android and go to instagram without problems. Anyway, customize the desktop the way you want.

11. Changes # 2

You can change the back cover. I know, a dubious pleasure, but if you truly hate the iPhone, then this thing will be a symbolic sign of victory, as a victory of our hockey team over the Americans for many «cotton» patriots has become the symbol of victory in the war of sanctions. Normal people don’t think about it and just enjoy the game.

12. Wirelessly

Wireless charging is not some miracle of science fiction. Moreover, it appeared for a long time. Only that’s not widely received. But many LG, Samsung, Motorolla support this feature. In General, the last harvest «androids» this feature was built that can not but rejoice.

13. Each according to his needs

If you have an Android tablet, then you can create separate profiles, giving each person a separate account in the OS with your custom programs and settings. Rumor has it that we can see this miracle on some phones this year.

14. Two sevens

Many «Android», regardless of the steepness of the model, its value and social status of the owner, there is such a beauty, as two SIM cards. Pensioners, businessmen, those who are too lazy to carry two phones and conspirators largely because of this opt for cheap HTC than patency «Avon».

15. Exquisite unlocking method

What manufacturers have diversified our lives, as a way to unlock the screen. You want – enter the Pin you want – run a gentle finger across the display, want to buy a phone that responds to fingerprints. In General, nothing to complain about. Anyway, who cares? It turned out, Android is worried. And in order to win the «arms race» has created a very handy feature KnockOn, which allows you to enable or disable the display of the phone by double-tapping on the screen. Did this cunning Koreans from LG.

And recently, LG officially announced its new SmartPad G Pro 2, and as it turned out, the KnockOn feature has received improvements in the form of Knock Code: you can now set a series of taps, after which the screen rasplachivaetsya, it is possible to choose a template, and you can invent a system of kicks. Most importantly, do not poke drunk, and then later in life will not guess the code.

16. Guard health

iPhone can track your heart rate with the help of certain programs. And glowing with health and wealth, not so easy to peddle and built inside of their new gadgets unit, which measures the speed of the heart beats more accurately than anything from the vast expanses of the AppStore. Everything don’t need to download – all the plus.

17. Board-buy

How many stores support Apple Pay? Well, how much? That’s it, the silence will be my answer. The whole system is simple and clear even to the most narrow-minded individual, but it is practically no support! Since the release of the penetration of Apple Pay captures the influence of a snail’s pace.

But competing companies with their Samsung Pay, things are much easier. Pay at least at the grocery store godforsaken Pakistani village.

18. Control

The search for the lost document or an unedited clip to Instagram in the «Apple» of the phone is a lost cause. The reason is that the operating system from Apple does not have a centralized place to track files. But Samsung has a «file Manager» which easily allows you to control your media.

19. Diversity

Still, the «products» on the Android are very diverse. the iPhone, of course, very elegant, but it is always the same. And of the breadth of the «Android» line is legends. You are rich, poor – there’s a phone out of your pocket. With the appropriate screen width. Love the shovels – here you Samsung. Not like plenty of other elegant models. You don’t become a hostage of form and content, you can choose what you need. Even change the socket.

20. Price

Some spend health and bodies to accumulate on the machine that has become, rather, a form of mass insanity, than a means to communicate and make life easier. This is a fashionable and trendy thing to push stupid people into victims. Every year Apple mocks mankind, releasing new, very different model, makes her own unique instruments, «axis», which is not suitable for all previous models, and all for big money.

With Android easier. Despise «Apple», but the money literally has nowhere to go? Take Galaxy. If you’re smart, don’t depend on things, but appreciate the comfort, you will find a sea of high-quality smartphones. They are certainly not cheap, but certainly cost less than a brand new «six».

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