And you know how to wear panties?


It is difficult to find the guy whose wardrobe no underwear. Unless you’re one of those unhealthy guys, who never wears. But it is impractical, cold, unhygienic — in short, in astronomo lifestyle a lot of disadvantages. Meanwhile, to wear the panties, too, need to mind to use for yourself and for a friend nice. Look good without a good bra impossible with him and starts pleasing appearance. But many guys ignore the jerk and constantly postpone their purchase indefinitely. So here’s a list of things that underwear is necessary, and in any case can not be done.

Be sure

Replace old underwear

According to statistics, to completely replace their underwear, men need eight years. Don’t know this for sure (hope not), but still advised: once on the shorts will appear tiny hole, a little split seam, some other clothing will paint them immediately in the trash! Think it’s too harsh? Maybe. But if you don’t do it, I’ll get on the slippery slope: you can not erase them until they turn into a rag.

Gather a collection of underwear

You must have at least 10 pairs of underpants for all occasions. It’s on every day of the week and a couple additional nights for the weekend and another one — just in case. If you do sport or actively sweating, you will need a few extra pairs. And if you love to lie on the couch, it doesn’t mean that you need less linen: if you don’t move, it doesn’t mean that linen is not soiled.

Find your firm

Variety makes life more beautiful — in almost all aspects, except for the company of underwear. It is difficult to find a brand that will fit you perfectly, where all models will be well for you to sit — not too tight, not too loose. But if you have you will find what you need, you will understand it. Of course, you can have different pants of different fabrics, prints and all things — but most certainly will belong to that same brand. Besides, it will accelerate the process of buying lingerie.

The noses are different types of panties

It is convenient to be a consumer of one brand, but you need to have different kinds of panties for different types of activities. Briefs (tight-fitting pants) will save you in every situation from bar to boardroom. Sometimes you need to wear something looser — for example, for sleep — fit boxers. For training and active rest there is a hybrid briefs.

Linen washed after each wear

Some are cowards, while they will not be visible traces of faeces. Fu. Fortunately, not to be a slob, you don’t have to wear disposable diapers. If you wear loose boxers, it doesn’t mean that you can wear them another day. Underwear needs to be changed every day and then erase them. And to the point.


Don’t delay!

Let the linen be free. Do not wear too tight pants. It’s nice when there can walk around a cool breeze — especially on a hot summer day. In addition, friction can cause irritation.

No pseudo-sexual underwear

For the sake of God, don’t these kolobylin, tight stancov that sit high on the hips — you won’t be more attractive. On the contrary. Men’s underwear should look like men. Can’t find real men keep looking, don’t buy crap.

No stains

Underwear is not just underwear, it is also a boozehound, and t-shirts. When you play sports, you sweat, and white t-shirts and alkashki remain yellowish spots — and it’s not to the standard of beauty. They have such a colour because the sweat contains urea, and the relationship between urea and yellow color is obvious. To wash a t-shirt from this is almost impossible. So when you see these spots don’t wait for a miracle and go to the store for new clothes.

Don’t wear boxers under trousers

They should definitely be in your collection. They sleep well — well, or at least to go in jeans. But to wear them to work under slim pants low waist simply inappropriate. With the suit you have to wear more sophisticated underwear.

Don’t need to be seen out of his pants

So, a long time ago it was considered fashionable and bold, but those days are long gone. Now sticking out of his pants underwear — only for rappers, along with their Supreme hats, tons of the notorious Goldie, swag, and other-things. Show me your briefs only where it is appropriate, behind closed bedroom doors.

Each time putting on underwear, remember: the better it looks, the more likely that a woman will want to remove it with you.

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