And the snow didn’t hinder us in than to run in cold weather


We long thought, what a beautiful phrase to start an article about running, but somehow, all this activity is associated with life’s situations, not with the process speed of shuffling feet. But there are a lot of rules about how to run and why for a marathon and centuries need different shoes. By the way, about shoes and clothes in General — if you stopped running because it is cold (in the southern cities have no complaints — in Krasnodar, for example, still summer weather), I hasten to remind you that this is not a reason to stop training or go on a futile exercise track. So we’ve gathered a list of the key things that you will be able to run even in freezing temperatures.

1 Shirt

There are guys who during the cold season Jogging strain standard thermo shirt

manygoodtips.com_28.10.2016_4QnLCv0mK5Neybut they are not suitable for this because their fabric is not made for extreme loads (meaning flop sweat) and after a half hour workout begins to irritate the skin, leading to itching and redness. Pure synthetics — thing is uncomfortable, so in this case it is best to choose a symbiosis of polyester and nylon, as in longsleeve. There are no nasty seams, and mesh fabric DRI-FIT eliminates excess moisture, regulating the temperature regime during the whole workout. Remarkably, the lower beveled edge of the shirt is a kind of protection for those who run even in the rain and slush. Well, where do without spare pockets? In this case, this is right on the sleeve. 2 Vest , One shirt, however, under serious weather conditions is not enough.


Besides, he want her drops of mud is not very desirable, so it is best in addition to wear sports vest, which looks great on a normal walk. It will protect from the cold, and from dirt, and yet folds easily into its own pocket. Difference sports jacket from a regular — fitted cut and elastic edging, that is, during the run you feel the real comfort without feeling in a huge armor, hand stopping to move. Special thanks for this easy and high-quality material.

3 Titsy


If you run in shorts, and the thermometer doesn’t scare you at the bottom mark, we’re just happy for you. Otherwise, suggest clothing that fully covers the feet. Some suggest to remove his pants after 10 minutes of Jogging at the first sign of heat to change into a more open, but these people are clearly unaware that if a man started to run away you can’t stop in any case. So the ideal option would be nylon titsy — real, athletic, moisture and does not restrict movement. They are easy to pull on and off because there is a zipper at the ankle, plus the back has a pocket with a waterproof layer. Never mind this figure-hugging outfits — you run not for others but for themselves.

4 Cap

The most important element of our outfits because there is nothing easier

than chill head

manygoodtips.com_28.10.2016_YE3BWQtWaT3nf even in an ordinary walk, and when the wind blows in your face and the rain pours as from a bucket — earn otitis media, high blood pressure and pain in the head becomes simple. And doubly frustrating that all this easily leads to complications and chronic diseases. A good sports hat will protect your melon even at temperatures down to -15 degrees (lower if specialists do not suggest the feel of the body, but we’re in Russia). It will remove moisture on the surface and has no seams. And if you love to run in the evenings, reflective elements you’ll need. Still it would not hurt to purchase mask scarf, so as not to chill the neck is such a risk appears when running, and after it, when the body begins to cool. 5 Gloves

Often, this accessory is useless, but when the temperature is hardcore

to take care of the hands. Even while running his fingers freeze because of thin capillaries, the blood flow to them is very weak, and to clench the fist for warming strategy is not the best. As you know, knitted and leather gloves for running brand is not suitable — you need a fleece, which can stretch in all four directions. In this instance there is nothing superfluous — a real urban design. And not to remove the gloves before each use of a smartphone, the tips have sensors that contact the touchscreen.

6 Sneakers


And here we come to the point. Immediately warn that this item is not naively to follow the same advice: running shoes are chosen carefully, long and with instruction from professionals — it is an axiom. Choose the wrong shoes and 10 years later realize what a terrible choice you made, but to change something it will be too late. In General, great we scared you, but do not worry — there is quite a versatile crosses, although they are, of course, also need a hundred times to try and discuss with consultant.

The first important point — if you have neutral pronation, i.e. during the run you put the legs straight, then they’ll certainly fit. The difference here in 10 mm — if you land on your heel, it will be good damping, this is also helped by the OrthoLite insole. And, of course, is to run in the winter, because they are made by technology Shield — for example moisture no. Sneakers really even breathe, they are seamless and have excellent flexibility thanks to the Dynamic Fit, and they are suitable on men’s and women’s feet.

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