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Summer is coming — and that means approaching vacation. If you’re not going anywhere and stay at home, you will have a difficult time. Of course, the holiday for all the dudes is, on the contrary, the pleasant times, but they are fraught with danger. You, my friend, are at risk to fend off his own hand, to lose a day regimen, physical form and dissolve into the infinite zalyalova.

If you don’t take of yourself, you’ll Wake up late, take days to play video games, eat pizza and watch movies until morning. Not the best rest, isn’t it? You’re going to eat fast food and do not want to train: you need to rest. As a result, over the holidays you will not only recover, but to spend, your house will be plunged into disorder, and in the end you’ll be glad to finally go to work.

That this tragedy did not happen, we’ve compiled a list of things that will help you not to ruin your vacation home.

Stick to the schedule. When you finally feel the freedom, you will want to dispose of it in all possible ways, including hanging out recklessly. But not worth it to touch. Not arguing, dude, hangouts is an integral part of any holiday, but if you hang out always, you’re more tired than rested. And you need to rest. Set yourself a daily routine — not hard, not filled with other things, but the one that will help you not to waste your time. Trust me, you need it. Otherwise, alcohol, party, and video games will consume you.

Do sports. You probably go to the gym, in the pool or turnichki when I work. I see no reason to give it a noble pursuit! On the contrary, the situation in order! Can even start Jogging: so you don’t have to Wake up an hour earlier to sneak in a run before work. While on vacation you can sleep, wash and then go out and slowly run. Remember: you don’t have to go to the gym to stay in shape. Dude, if you throw exercise for a month, you lose shape and you will look like after the holidays and after the binge.

Eat right. When you rest, you have the impulse to eat. Pamper yourself, allow yourself something that passed by you during the working months. Order a pizza and eat it alone, for example. Drink beer with friends. And again. And again. Don’t forget, dude, beer belly is growing! And to go back to work with beer belly — is simply ridiculous. So resting.

Sleep and get up at a reasonable time. When you’re resting, you’re tempted to stay up late and get up late. The temptation is great, and late in the evening, gradually develops into «early morning», and you do Wake up sometime after lunch. It is no good. So you do not have time: you only have to watch a movie from the comfort of home — a pity to waste the only free month in the year for this nonsense, right?

Limit the number of movies and video games. If you can play with and stare at the screen all day, it doesn’t mean you simply have to do that. Just don’t tell this entire time — that’s what I’m asking.

Make yourself a budget. Calculate your funds well, friend! Accurately calculated? I know these artful calculations: first you think you have plenty of money, and then it turns out that the vacation on the end, you have left a miserable thousand rubles, and the new financial replenishment is only expected until the next paycheck. Nice? Not really.

Don’t forget to have fun! If you’re just sitting around the house from time to time drink with friends, this is not the most magical vacation. You still broke finally from the work routine! Hang out, go somewhere, go to walk at night, go walking on the roof — so do what you want! Remember moderation and you will succeed.

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