And sport, and sin: sponsors, which surprised us

The crisis has long disrupted the hem with small European sports, dishonoured him, robbed and left without money. Afflicted clubs in the attempt to survive are willing to grasp at any option to stay afloat. Sometimes they literally sell themselves into the clutches of greedy sponsor who does with them whatever he wants. And here’s how it looks.

1. Movie and «plans»


Not so long ago, when Atletico Madrid and dreamed about reaching the final of the Champions League, the players almost every week went to the matches in t-shirts on which was inflicted the name of the new movie coming out in rent. «Spider-man 3», «the da Vinci Code», that snotty melodrama. And it wasn’t lascivious in nature, «plans», they did not find every week new sponsors. Just the club was financed by the famous film company Columbia Pictures, popularizebasa women with torches. So that «plans» are constantly touting the latest movies and stood out against the background of Siemens mobile and others, bored with years sponsors. Besides, now collectors are willing to pay for shirts like a lot of money, equating them to rarity. After all, a form every time was new. What would the players from the past who had to play in a t-shirt for a few years and wash it after each match.

2. Bordel Saga


Brothel:part 1

A member of the lowest Spanish division «Logrones», once almost signed a contract with one of the erotic portals. However, such a prospect did not like the football team, did not want to advertise such an interesting website. And in vain refused. After some time, the team was disbanded due to bankruptcy. And they say that Europe is corrupt. But if you look at the example, it is really spoiled.

The brothel: part 2

Although in Greece believed that money does not smell, even if sponsors are sworn enemies – the Turks. But if it’s a whorehouse, then even better. Crisis, rain, earthquake – still men’s people would collect the last belongings, to visit the temple of Vice. That’s why the Greek team «Wakeful» agreed to promote one of the local brothels. The club President said the money is not Greece at all, so you don’t choose the sponsor, and the sponsor chooses you. And the team was very happy the new owners and the signing of the contract in the first place asked what the bonuses give new sponsor in the case of victories. The owner of the public house said that the guys can count on a big discount. This was one of the team’s results have increased dramatically.

It is what the profits from the brothel that he could not contain the smallest football club? Questions arise, and not to open bordelik!?

By the way, our clubs would not hurt to enlist the support of such a powerful financial colossus like a Greek brothel. First, there’s always money, secondly, as a rule, the fans want to do with the players the same, what I do in such interesting places.

Brothel: part 3

However, the Greeks don’t stop there. The brothel is pretty banal sponsor of the Greek football. In one of the lower leagues in the city with an interesting name Larisa has such command – «Bucephalus». The team also funded by the outrageous Madam Madam Sulla. It is unclear what drew her to Finance such a hopeless team, or personal interest, or something else, but the money for their new «Pets» she has spent a lot. However, football League Larissa said it was wrong to run around in t-shirts with the attributes of a brothel. It’s strange, given the fact that the club’s highest League possible, and the outsider is impossible. In short, the football League, the major sponsor which is a state betting company, tried to stand up for morality. Against players, Madame Sul too, and all the rest deeply care about.

Here, it would seem that the Sunny Greek football nothing can surprise: surprising sponsor did not come up. It turns out that you can.

3. Till death us sponsors


Clubs from the lower divisions in General are known for their originality. Another team who have distinguished themselves in this respect was «Paleofire» from the same town. From death the club was saved… death. The owner of the local funeral homes always sympathized with the club in a difficult moment have decided to come to the rescue. Now fans of «Paleofire» always know where to go in case of need to hold someone close, because the black shirts with crosses make it clear how connected the sport and death. And the players do not look like crusaders. The football Association tried to ban the «burial» form, but nothing happened. So play till death is sponsoring you.

4. We build the song and the beat helps


Recently famous music group The Prodigy has become a sponsor of youth teams from the County of Hampshire. The famous logo of the group (spider in circle) and its name will be placed on home form the club for The Eastleigh Reds. To the sponsorship of The Prodigy leader Liam Howlett has pushed the news that the boys from this team spend their training under well-known hits of the musical group. Judging by the photos, the boys even won something.

So to all the young teams note! At least train under anybody, even under Soso Pavliashvili and put in a network. Money does not smell, never mind taste in music!

5. A little hockey


Players also want to eat. And judging by their massive bodies, they eat a lot. Therefore, in the conditions of crisis it is difficult to find a noble sponsor. Especially if you live in a tiny town and your team of stars from the sky is not enough. So unhappy players from German Landshut, you have to dress in pink and wear in the area of the stomach drawn lips. What to do when except the local brothel, nobody wants to Fund. But what they have beautiful banners and clothing!

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