And Shvets, and the Reaper: male skills that a shame not to have. Part 3 continues to ponder what skills needed the man to wear that title with dignity. The first two parts are here and here.

31. To survive the heat

Of course, it is necessary to look for cool places and not to stand in the sun, but you also need to beware of and reflected (or absorbed) heat sand and stones. Move as little as possible: physical activity increases body temperature. Drink as much as possible: so you’d be better to sweat, which means that the body will cool down. Wear loose clothing that covers as much of the body: it will not burn in the sun, and under the tissue is formed more tolerant climate.

32. To get out of a sinking car

In that moment, when your car plunges into the water, if you don’t lose presence of mind, roll down the window (they have to work even in salt water) and get out through it. If you don’t have time to do this, water will be poured into the car through all the cracks. Sounds scary, but it’s a good thing: the water pressure inside counteracts the pressure outside, and you will be able to open the door. If the Windows don’t open, it is necessary to have ready some tools. In General, we’ve been taught.

33. To tie a tie

Don’t need wait: it is better to be prepared in advance, not to worry and not to swear in a hurry. Give yourself time and learn how to tie this asshole. To tie a tie, you need to take it wide end and circle it around the narrow — twice. Then put the wide end into the second loop and I go happy with the tie.

34. Grow food

Few in our day doing it yourself. And I dare you to build a greenhouse glazing it and panasiti inside of cucumbers, tomatoes and so that are all grown? Weak to plow a field, plant potatoes, and then wrap it, weed, and the fall to dig up? Occupation, serious, sensible.

35. Drive a car with punctured tyres

When you realize that he blew a tire, it is not necessary to brake sharply. Better maintain your speed, which is already going: heavy braking will damage the tyre even more. Turn gently, reduce your move too smoothly and pull over.

36. To change a tire on the car

Car put into reverse gear, making sure that the surface is quite smooth. Under the wheels puts the stones or the spare tire that the car accident did not go. Put the Jack near the wheel that will change. Raise the Jack until it will support the car without lifting it from the ground. Remove the cap, oslablen nuts, not twisting them completely. Now raise the vehicle with a Jack, Unscrew the nut to the end and remove the wheel. But place the new, fasten first by hand then with a wrench. Pripuskaet car, hold the nuts and drop the car completely.

37. To fly a kite

To start snake, you need a strong wind. Stand with your back to the wind and take the snake so that he was looking at you. Now unwinds the rope and move back. When you move away from its original location about 20 m, pull the rope on yourself and run. The serpent must rise up to the sky and float away in the wind. The first attempt may not come out.

38. To Polish shoes

Wipe your boots, apply a cream, and RUB the special woolen cloth in a circular motion. We taught you to Shine shoes like a soldier.

39. To do push-UPS

The legs are not wider than 30 cm apart, hands shoulder width apart, body straight from head to toe. Bend your elbows until they are parallel to the floor, then straighten arms. Pushup we’re also taught.

40. To provide first aid for a snake bite

Bitten needs to move too much, the injured limb should be possible to tie up to impede blood flow. From the wound it is necessary to suck out the poison, as somebody calls the ambulance.

41. To provide first aid for frostbite

Don’t try to RUB snow: this is like curing hangover with alcohol. Frostbitten RUB it in place of vodka or submerge in warm (not hot) water. RUB the wool cloth is also not necessary: risk of scratching the already damaged skin.

42. To provide first aid for burns

No, butter is not necessary. Cold water — that will do you good. When you cool the burn, use a healing ointment and a pressure bandage, but do not forget to restore the skin needs breathing. From time to time let her breathe.

43. To remove a tick

Cigarette does not burned: it will hurt. Of course, since he hurt you, you want to avenge him, but it will be more expensive. It is necessary to solve the problem constructively, namely to take tweezers and pull the bastard. Watch out: do not leave in the body of the head, removing only the body. Pull gradually and patiently: sometimes the process takes a few minutes.

44. To start the car

Why you need a car if you don’t know how to handle them and to solve related problems? We’ll tell you what’s going on here.

45. To wear a suit

As on the cow a saddle suit is sitting only on who doesn’t know how to wear it. We have to learn.

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