And Shvets, and the Reaper: male skills that a shame not to have. Part 2

By.kom.ua_3.03.2014_jqrY7WwLhMkhjBack to you with a new portion of the skills that should be in the Arsenal of every man. The first part you can find here.

16. Use a circular saw

The key point to use a circular saw is to place the blade exactly on the cut lines. To do this, first draw a line where you cut, and then perpendicular to it. The blade should attach to the junction of the two lines, lower slowly to saw almost to the end — finish an ordinary hand saw.

17. To put out the fire

In 94% of cases with fire extinguisher appeared the fire can be put out in the first two minutes. Stay away from open flames at a distance of 2.5 meters, if possible, and closer to the exit. Hold the extinguisher upright and aim the jet at the base of the fire (interrupting the flame, the result will not wait). Squeeze the lever, and under pressure from the extinguisher will break out the jet — and now the water fire extinguisher from side to side, directing the spray on the fire until it goes out. We will also mention about the fire in the kitchen: in no case do not pour water on burning oil: hot oil will scatter all over the kitchen, and will burn much betterona larger surface.

18. Moving weights

Universal device for any movement of heavy objects — a blanket. One edge of the blanket should be put under the object (or wrap them with the subject), and the other to grab hold of and pull. So it is possible to move a heavy thing anywhere — at least within the same apartment.

19. To change a diaper

You’re the man, really poopy baby could scare you? It should not be a problem for you. Put baby on flat, horizontal surface stops, or just on the floor. Posteli diaper. Undo the nappy, gently take the child by the ankles, lift his bottom and get him out of the diaper. Wipe with a damp cloth, moreover, carefully to was very clean. Then placing it on a new diaper, put legs and secure the diaper.

20. To drive in the snow

You need matching tyres on all four wheels (even if you have a non-powered wheels, they, too, should not be deprive to maintain traction and to prevent turning of the wheels). Tall and narrow tires have the optimum pressure to travel through the snow, you can not say about the wider tires. Gas must be careful not deteriorated grip.

21. To wash off the blood

Two rules: it must be done quickly and in cold water. If the blood hadn’t dried yet, first to wipe your stain with a napkin, but do not RUB: it will only get worse. Then apply cleanser. If the stain remains, repeat and leave for an hour to spot splintered. The last remedy — hydrogen peroxide, then wash in cold water. Don’t stroke and don’t land on the battery until you’re sure the stain is completely gone.

22. Cut down a tree

First, define how the tree will fall. If it is crooked, you need experienced counsel, straight tree usually pull the rope in the required direction. Begin to cut with the side to which the tree will fall. You at a comfortable level (most often somewhere in the area of the belt) at an angle of 45° make a carb and ogloblya in the barrel about 1/3 of its thickness. Then make towards the horizontal notch cut, and in the end you get the sawed sector, which is necessary to remove far away.

Now on the opposite side make a slit at the direction of the corner of our wedge cutting angle is also 45°. The tree will begin to fall in the direction of what you’re doing. Now is the time to adjust the direction of the falling tree with a rope (you’ll need a helper).

23. To ride a bike

Not be able such a shame. If for some reason you can’t ride a bike, learn as soon as possible! First, we need to adjust the height of the saddle to sitting on it, you calmly rested my feet in, but the leg on the lower pedal should almost completely straighten. Then just try to keep balance in the saddle by pressing on the brakes. The next step is to roll the bike with one foot on the pedal. Spin one pedal and try to drive a few meters ahead, sitting in the saddle. Then learning to pedal is a matter of technique.

24. To overcome obstacles on the roads

Here the main thing — the tyres. Everything depends on it. Stay away from rock (or other obstacle) slowly, in first gear. To storm the barrier should or the bus, which is under the driver or bus on the passenger side (all depends on how the obstacle is located). Wheel must touch the first stone — no bumper, no wing, namely the wheel. After the tyre will find grip and pull the car up, you can see what’s going to happen on the road. If the wheel is scrolled, reduce gas and were fed forward and backward so that the wheel found traction.

25. Planing

From yourself, man! Not to be cut.

26. Sew a button

Take a needle and thread. To avoid the embarrassment of threaded in the needle and fold exactly in half, knotting the ends of a thread node. Now determine the place where you want to place the button, and layer it on top. Inside needle pierces the fabric so that its tip appeared at the opening of the buttons. Sew in the same way as other sewn buttons on things (criss-cross pattern or two parallel stitches).

27. To survive the storm

98% of accidents during the storms occur under the open sky, so hurry into the room. Houses don’t go near sinks, TV, computer — anything that involves wiring or plumbing. N’t touch to Windows and doors, don’t tell wired telephones (cell phones don’t count). If you are not able to get into the room, get in the car with the top. If not, at least stay away from single tall trees: they attract lightning.

28. To survive the flood

If the water rises to your house, gather your family, grab any tools that help you stay afloat and climb higher from the ground. Don’t try to leave the flood zone alone: according to statistics, 60% of deaths in floods occur because people attempt to leave on the machines. During the trip, the water can rise so much that the trip would be impossible.

29. To survive a tornado

To hide in the basement or in any low building without Windows, which is in the valley. The biggest danger is flying debris, so it would be appropriate to wear a Bicycle helmet or any other and wrapped up in a mattress or to protect themselves cushions when you come out of hiding. Never get in the car. If you can’t find a safe shelter, lie face down and hide your head.

30. To survive the cold

The body generates heat, it is necessary to eat fatty and rich carbohydrate foods and to engage in isometric exercises (bench press, deadlifts, squats); they sweat less and they do not require a large space. Fit and snow-covered cave, and the little shelter. Avoid aerobic exercise: sweating, the body gives off heat, and will freeze quicker. Part 3

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