And Shvets, and the Reaper: male skills that a shame not to have. Part 1 should be handy — so usual tradition. Nurekaty man looks helpless, can do nothing in himself, but because he some novosedly and undignified. We are normal dudes. We should be able more and more to learn! Check out how you handy.

1. To seal the window

The easiest way is to use masking tape: take it and pasted in the place where converges frame with a window sill, trying to keep the tape went smoothly. You need to thoroughly dry the window frame so that the tape is well stuck, at the bottom you can put a rolled up wool bundles.

Old school is the paper strip that is glued to the soap or paste, but attach this construction to the plastic window already hurt heartless. You can also use foam strips, which, however, will swell with moisture, but that’s another story.

2. Cook the skewers on the grill

Woman allowed to grill is not already ready so ready. No, kebab is solely men’s business, trust which can only be myself.

Choose a grill is not an easy thing. You need to be with thick walls and with resilient legs, otherwise it will soon be percocet. Before using the grill will need to wipe and burn it wet paper — disinfection and removal of excess odors. Coal is also a separate conversation. You can either buy ready-made, or for greater aesthetics to stock up on birch or Linden wood and carefully to avoid softwoods: too much smell of resin.

Before zazharkoy meat should be thoroughly and carefully marinated with onions, vinegar, pepper and other spices. Skewers to fry to grey coals, the skewers need to constantly flip and from time to time to swap. Don’t forget to pour the meat marinade so delicious — and don’t let the coals flared up and turned a full-fledged fire.

3. Chop wood

We already told you how to do it. It is necessary to take a log, put it so that bitch was the bottom, find the natural crack in the wood and you hit it. If you read our instructions, you will chop wood better than the lumberjack.

4. Right to put the ladder against the wall

Before you get up on a ladder, make sure it is at the correct angle — 75-78 degrees. How to achieve this? Stand up, toes touching the boot stage, and extend the arms forward parallel to the floor. The safe angle is when you stretch out your arms at a right angle to the body and they touch the bar.

5. Take a good photo

And that we taught you. Most often pictures of people — and people generally unhappy with the way they photographed. A person may well enter the picture, do not overdo it with the zoom, otherwise the picture is in danger of becoming grotesque: the man starts to look fatter because long lenses gobble up space. Choose a plain background, avoid too bright lighting like in front of people (they do look oblique) and the back (face get in the shade). If there is no choice, turn on the flash. It evens out the skin and neutralizes shadows.

6. Find drinking water

Then you may lose more water than you will find while you’re digging. Ravines and valleys are rich in running water, however, it does not lie on the surface of the earth. Even in the desert you can find moisture in cacti and other greenery. When the sun and the moon are low above the horizon, peering into the distance in search of their reflection in the water. Don’t worry if the water looks dirty you will get sick at least three days, and you will have a chance to live longer. If you have a plastic bag, put it on the branch of a tree or any other plant, and evaporation will give you 30 to 60 g water per day.

7. To build a fire

We even know how to make a fire without matches. Tree trunk thick with wrist put under the bottom, and the top instruct twigs smaller thickness of a finger. Also, be tinder such as pine needles, and put it so that it could light up the thin branches. Incinerate!

8. To build a shelter

Find a tree with a height of about 3 m, it will serve as a support. Tilts it to a large stone, stump or the branch of another tree that is three feet from the ground. Tilts as many branches of this tree and cover them with other rods. Add a thick layer of leaves and grass and sticks on top so that the wind blew your roof. If you have a little time, water and food, it is easier to collect a bunch of fallen leaves and burrow into it.

9. To destroy data on a hard disk

That you have stored on your hard drive, it is a secret of great importance. If you’re going to get rid of the screw, will not help you simple formatting is the restructuring of data storage, which can restore anyone, if you specify that purpose. How to be? Or use special software, or like a real paranoid, destroy — the good old ultra violence.

10. To wax your car with wax

Park the car in the shade or do it after sunset. First thoroughly wash the car with a tool that will strip off old wax like household cleaners. RUB the wax should in circular motions, one panel at a time. Give the wax a few minutes to grasp, and then Polish the car with a Terry cloth or microfiber cloth.

11. Iron a shirt

No more Ironing on a table or on a chair — get yourself an Ironing Board. First, it is necessary to sprinkle water on the shirt: not all irons work well with steam. Start with the back of the collar, moving from the ends to the middle. Then move on to the area between the shoulders and sleeves, then there are sleeves (starting with cuff) — make sure the iron didn’t form a new crease. Next comes the part of the shirt that sewn-on buttons. Do not freeze with the iron for a long time: else you will burn!

12. To draw on the wall a straight line

Professionals do not hold the line with adhesive tape: it flows and pulls a fresh paint when you peel it. How to be? First paint the wall in light color, then draw a line with chalk (note: if no one leveled the walls, corners, usually fail, so focus on your line and not on the wall). Use a quality brush with fine bristles, not draw with the tip and edge, pressing down on her just a little. Do not just take a brush a lot of paint — start with a small amount.

13. To tie a bowline, or a bowline

In a nutshell, the «rabbit out of the mink, obegal around the tree and back in the hole.» Make a loop, pass it through one end of the rope, is wrapped with it around the other end and turn into a loop.

14. Store food in nature

Find two trees that are approximately 6 m apart. One end of the rope secure on the basis of one tree, then throw the rope at 6 m in height. Throw other end of rope to the same height and secure on the branch of another tree. Put a bag of groceries to a rope in the middle, pull the rope tight so that she was parallel to the ground, and fasten it on the basis of the second tree.

15. Solder wire

Take the wire, remove insulation, Kuniholm cleaned the ends, apply it using a soldering iron a bit of solder on each transaction, and then (again, not without solder) of the solder. Part 2

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