…and nothing will spoil your party

Work.com.ua_20.03.2014_ZVqtcQCIsnJnaEveryone loves to hang out: it’s nice and simple. However, not so simple to get-together always took place without any problems. After N-th glass of beer almost any simple thing seems to be a moment from the movie «Mission impossible»: how to work around those drunks on the way to the toilet, how much to tip the bartender and do I have to give. All this is true. Today we will talk about the most likely for you, during the party outside the house.


Are you on good terms with your ex? Incredible! Except for one thing: you’re lying, because you can’t be with her in good terms. I know, I know. No one recognized his secret feelings and sorrows to the first comer, and there are those who are ashamed of these feelings even to themselves. It while you’re sober. Tipsy people that are in the company somewhere in a bar, somehow begin to think differently and to turn the soul in front of friends or even strangers. Loudly and incoherently! Be polite, go to the toilet and try to reserve their lamentations until I get home. And don’t go to social networks at home and watch her photos! You’re stronger than this!

A friend who always makes bad decisions

Everyone has such. He then gets up, draws you into it, and then you or knock out bar, which is taken to the police or just beat you in the face (and he’s already got his). It’s a non-stop generator of bad ideas, which for some reason at first seem like a good. «The bathroom line is too long, why don’t you go around the corner or to settle down on the floor?»


Before you listen to his advice, ask yourself: what’s in it for me? If something still will be, ask yourself, is this worth it. If there is, then burn all the blue flame walk, shower. If not, then the future of you sitting in the interview, say thank you today.

The dude who accidentally touched you

Are you one of those whose night will be wasted, if they get drunk and struck sitting next to a man, even if he didn’t deserve it? I, too, have such friends. All the forces fight that temptation, otherwise you will be kicked out of the bar and will Harbor a grudge against you, having every reason not to let you into the restaurant next time. Man may hurt you, but that’s because the bar is full of people, and it is exactly the same as you, took a place in space. Easier. Leave that energy and apply it to come up with a joke about how, for example, Manchester United is playing shockingly this season.

Craving to eat something late at night

Each of us was drunk to such a state, when to eat pizza I want more than to have sex, to get to the house and even to breathe. But if you’re still in the bar, they still take out food, and closing in twenty minutes, you better bust yourself. It’s not what you want. Girls in such cases we say «Minute ate — forever fat» or something like that. In your case, meaning another minute ate — tomorrow we did, because sick as hard as I can, and now the soul is passive-aggressive waiter. Wait half an hour, and then, if you don’t want, look at the-hour fast food. It exists just for people like you.


It all depends on your goals. If your goal is a moderately fun for a short while to unwind, bring a small amount and no cards, so there was no temptation to find an ATM and withdraw one-second five thousandth dollar bill. If your goal — unrestrained revelry, grab some cash, but… the map does not take. The risk is great that in the morning you’ll regret.

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