…and let her heart freeze

It was a bribe.com.ua_20.01.2014_9uYgOXKSfx51eI do not know whether the produce on women significant things at least some impression. Like me, they are only interested in trivia. The whole head is a refuge to many bells and whistles, stuff, things, comments, observations, and quotations. Well, that’s all it is, this mosaic of female consciousness lovely and charming. To what is already your friend, you can add a few details on which her heart is literally trembling — not from fear, but from joy, of course.

1. To invite her to dance.

2. Windy day to remove her from her forehead and eyes with unruly strands of hair.

3. When she walks down the street, across the room or up the stairs to meet you, to go towards her as we see her.

4. Kiss her between her shoulder blades when she turns away to sleep.

5. When you introduce her to friends and family, hold her waist.

6. Grab her hand when going by a badly dressed girl.

7. Call her when you’re sad.

8. Kissing her closed eyes.

9. Ask to see her picture as a baby.

10. To wash her from head to toe in the shower.

11. If she’s crying into the phone, immediately to come to her.

12. To buy her favorite album on vinyl.

13. To order her coffee just as she likes.

14. Undress her and tuck her into bed if she fell asleep in the car.

15. To talk about the approaching anniversary, before she remembers.

16. Send her something in the mail. Anything.

17. When she feels insecure to look her in the eye and tell her that in the world there is no more appropriate for you.

18. To call her just before the plane will tell you to turn off your phones.

19. Up her clothes from the floor.

20. Struggling to try to make her laugh when she is sad.

21. Take it with you on the team for which you cheer, and at the same time pay more attention to her than to the floor or on the lawn.

22. Touch her hand every time you get up to leave the room, and when you come back around.

23. Shave right before meeting her.

24. Hug her when she’s jealous. To hug.

25. To make a cult of her Breasts.

26. Give her a decoration.

27. To bring her two towels when she gets out of the shower (one for hair).

28. Ask her questions about non-skin work.

29. To cook the morning porridge, which she used for Breakfast.

30. In the middle of the conversation tell her that I love her.

31. To send her a very expensive bouquet when you screwed up.

32. Bring her somewhere where there is a fireplace and kindle a fire.

33. To read to her aloud when you are driving somewhere together and there comes her turn to drive the car.

34. Ask her to fix something in her apartment that was broken, but she hasn’t noticed.

35. Notice when she wears something new.

36. To kiss her hand in front of your friends-singles.

37. To come up with a special gentle variation of her name and call her that when no one hears.

38. Going to the store for groceries, buy her something tasty, what you talked about.

39. To do without a reminder that what is usually overlooked.

40. If she’s stressed and she doesn’t want sex…

a) make her a bath;

b) to make her a massage;

C) invite her to play wrestling.

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