And it happens: the quarter life crisis

manygoodtips.com_14.01.2014_PWIQViRuNsZmMI bet even a hundred years ago it did not exist. All these crises are a product of our ridiculous civilization, where so many written and unwritten laws that they have nowhere to go. Wherever sunsya-everywhere you my concept of the norm: for any age, gender, nationality — all for everything. Do not undertake to say that before it was easier (quite the contrary), but this does not detract from our psychoses and neuroses.

What the fuck this quarter life crisis? Common that you will face when you graduate and find yourself in the big world. Over the hill saying that the appropriate moment for such problems is the age from 20 to 35 years. You re-evaluate themselves and their capabilities from a height of education, I think that you have already and what else do you want to catch, can’t figure you where to go and what to do. Very often people succumbing to depressive moods, begin to speculate how mistaken in the choice of profession and what you’d do if they had the opportunity to choose the future now, in a more conscious age. You know the feeling? Me. And this shit can be fought.

1. Admit prenovost situation

If you could find this problem equivalent to this role perfectly, could use a suitcase of shit. You’re always worried you’re confused and do not understand what you want. You both cling to contradictory things, and motivation for you is not even enough to go to the kitchen and spread yourself a sandwich. Of course, this crisis is not the main world the complexity, but you’re not helping. Don’t deny the problem.

2. Attracted to older people

Make friends with someone who is ten years older than you. They already know what they want from life. Get help: like, dude, I’m confused and don’t understand. Probably happened to them something like that, and they with the height of his experience tells you that something worthwhile is more appropriate than your peers.

3. Out of VK

Of course, in social networks there will always be something interesting, but when you were in the clutches of a quarterlife crisis, it is difficult to see assholes get married and get a promotion. To cover up this harmful window and stop comparing yourself with others.

4. Cowlady with their flaws

Stupid crisis usually goes hand in hand with excessive consumption. You don’t want to postpone the fun begins: buy it, buy it, take a girl out on uninteresting uninteresting movie, but in 3D. Cover your wallet, keep your ass and sit down on the spot. Then say thank you.

5. Change one thing

Tear out the teeth one by one. To change better gradually, too. Want to take once for all the case, but you will not get far. Do not leave. Your different desires will pull you in different directions, like a Swan, cancer and pike. All want to eat right, be fit, save for vacation and repaint the tub. Start with a small. My girlfriend works from home, and it was hard to raise his hand together. She then identified two universal output and a five-day working week and feel much better.

6. Make the day ahead

Where you want to be in five years? And what do you do?! You can’t even iron a mountain of clothes, under which is buried a chair that five years? Stop asking about the big and start to carry out daily activities. At least get out a little during commercial breaks.

7. Laugh from the belly every day

Watch soap operas, and performances by stand-up comedians, or just meet with your friends — you need to laugh, often and loudly. Happy people with a sense of humor are the vagaries of fate. The quarter life crisis is hard, but it will pass. After a while you will remember him as now remembered about his childhood.

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