And again about the beard

We will tell you some interesting facts about the history of beards.



The soldiers of Alexander the great were not allowed to wear a beard, because in a fight she could work in the favor of the enemy. If the enemy is in the melee grasp the beard, the chances of survival you will have some.



Smoothly the ancient Romans shaved their faces. With their inherent snobbery, they considered that the lack of a beard distinguishes a civilized man from a barbarian.


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Fashion bezborodny in enlightened Europe came after France, the dictator of style, ascended the throne fifteen years of Louis XIV. The young monarch, of course, have not had time to receive the facial. The courtiers, not to be outdone by the «boss» also shaved my beard.



In pre-Petrine times in Russia to the beard is treated with great respect. Torn in the scuffle the lock of hair from the beard during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise was set a fine of 12 grivnas. Damaged beard was valued even more than a crippled hand.



During the reign of Ivan the terrible was practicing this form of punishment of the guilty boyars, as plucking the beard. To wash away the shame you or having the feat, or having gone to the monastery.



Until the coming to power of the Pen of the Great beard in Russia was considered almost a passport to heaven. Since, according to Holy Scripture a man who professes faith in Christ, their appearance should resemble the image of Christ.



Those whom nature has deprived of dense vegetation on the face, in Russia branded «bastards» — the word «fornication». This status meant that someone from unfortunate ancestors had sinned with the «foreigner». To avoid ostracism and to become a productive member of society the owner of a rare beard didn’t stand a chance.



A definite sign of «obsession» in Russia were considered voluntary shaving of the beard.



The Pro-Western monarch in the history of Russia became famous as an outspoken opponent of beards. However, it is believed that European fashion was so close to Peter because he couldn’t grow a lush beard.



Sometimes the beard grows and women. The longest documented female beard Vivian Wheeler from USA. In 2000, its length was 27.9 cm.

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