And again about laziness


Here is the case: I’m 20 years old and recently came

the realization of the worthlessness of my life.

manygoodtips.com_23.01.2014_lvDPrwN4cphtO Univer-obschaga-online — now about this pattern. I sat down, then thought about it all, horrified, and analyzed what and how, gave me assessment. But the most interesting and strange that I had already formulated the problem, and active steps for its elimination is not reached. Some unknown force holds me in the swamp. And now, it turns out, nothing changed, but persecution itself of the endless thoughts of insignificance. Here’s an anecdote. How can we break these chains and start moving?


Let’s say two points:

1. This force is called laziness.

2. Look this is the question we asked a couple of days ago, maybe you’d be interested.

And now to business. Dude, do you know anything about causation? Here’s a little chain of logic:

1. You don’t get up from the couch.

2. You become homeless.

If you don’t want to be on the bottom, you need to move. The best part of life is that you choose a movement vector. Want to sit at home and thump, you want — draw the picture. The case in the presence of goals and responsibility.

1. Set a goal to buy a first or next car until the middle of next year and do everything in order to achieve this goal.

2. Read our articles about the «comfort zone», try to go beyond it. Do every day something that was not done before.

3. On Sundays, plan one new thing each day next week for one month. Know that if you don’t do planned, you will not achieve success in life.

Another part of the problem lies in the lack of responsibility. Think about how you can take on a little more responsibility.

4. Try to organize any event in your College, thus you will kill two birds with one stone — will take on the obligation and at the same time will reach a small, but whole.

As soon as you begin to live a relatively active life, you will be difficult to stop. You get the hang of this fuss and I hope that your life will change. Or not. But it all depends on you.

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