Ancient people migrated from Africa earlier than thought


Most scientists do not doubt that modern man appeared in Africa about 200,000 years ago. But now they claim that our ancestors migrated from the cradle of civilization much earlier than expected. Namely, 130,000 years ago!

Migration went in several waves, most of them brought modern humans into Europe, whence it spread all over the world. Scientists also found that great migration of peoples was not as ambitious: someone moved to a better place a long time ago, someone relatively new, and some will not migrated. Now researchers are trying to highlight the most significant waves of migration of ancient peoples. In this picture you can see a model of migration flows.


A team of researchers led by Professor Katarina Harvati the result of many years of archaeological excavations, collected the skulls of ancient people. Analysis and Dating of the remains has allowed to identify several migratory flows.

The first ancestors of today’s non-African peoples probably began to cross the Arabian Peninsula 130,000 years ago. Previously it was thought that the Exodus from Africa occurred 40-70 thousand years ago. Doubt in the soul of the researchers planted stone artifacts, the age of at least 100 000 years, were recently found in the Arabian desert. It was proof that modern humans might have begun their March across the globe earlier than we suspected.

A recent study published by Professor Harvati and her team, shows that the difference in the phenotype of different races due to an earlier or later migration flows from Africa and climate change, which had to adapt. Asian Nations, according to Catherine, came out of Africa quite late: about 50,000 years ago.

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