An acknowledged genius of independent cinema

On account of Mr. Jarmusch several masterpieces, which can be safely characterize as a cult. The Arthouse was created not for the sake of shocking and the play of archetypes, the meaning of which is clear only to the author, and at a certain angle and in a particular state. In every film Jim immerses you in a physically tangible atmosphere of catharsis, personal presence. In order to perceive and enjoy such films, you need to be with easy hi, which gives your image a touch of glamour. It is enough to watch any of his films to understand or are you a spectator or are you not on the way. But if you like his work, you will be faithful to his love until the very end.

1. Night on Earth (1991)

Hold.yak.ua_2.09.2014_O45xa1oOm5k0gThis film will tell you five stories, funny and sad, mysterious and crazy, the main characters of which are completely unrelated, but all happening in the taxi car, road that cut through the sleeping cities, from the Americas to Europe.

Questions of life and death, rise at night the boulevards of Rome, and the feeling of loneliness and uselessness perfectly capture the snowy landscapes of Helsinki.

2. Dead man (1995)

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2014_osdBPeJJy9Bd6William Blake, johnny Depp, after the death of his parents moves to live in the Wild West, where on the fateful combination of circumstances he finds himself embroiled in a nasty story, and its head appointed award of $ 500. After a while, he gets a bullet wound and nursed an Indian named Nobody, who for many years carried on the cities of America and England as a living exhibit.

No one took Mr. Blake for his favorite poet, and taught to wield weapons and shoot without a miss, leaving a trail of corpses of persons eager to reward. To any particular genre of this movie include hard enough, this story is a parable, it is a philosophical Western, and maybe a metaphysical interpretation of historical facts. One finds in this painting something of their own.

The entire movie is shot in a drab palette of black and white tonality, and almost every other Jarmusch film «Dead man» was accepted into the main competition of the Cannes film festival. After the show in the hall there was dead silence, which was broken by an unknown spectator and his cry of «Jim! This is shit!». And some critics declared the movie a masterpiece that is designed for a mass audience.

3. Ghost dog: way of the Samurai(1999)

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2014_DTCLk7YHkaxuf«Every samurai should be mindful of the death and do everything like last time. If the samurai is mindful of death, so he is ready to meet the enemy. If the samurai is ready to meet the enemy — he is invincible.» The samurai code of honor.

This film gives us a new understanding of, such irreconcilable to the innovations of the genre, the crime movie. Hero forest Whitaker, nicknamed «Ghost Dog» lives by a strict samurai code. When the Dog was still «a pup», his life was saved by the leader of the crime syndicate, a Louis, and according to the «Hagakure» (the Holy code), a hired killer finds the brutal mafia life to its owner.

While remaining indebted, the Dog performs his orders, removing from the road all the unwanted.

But one day, one of them ended very badly and the main character begins the hunt.

The iconic picture Jarmusch combines different cinematic genres, with all necessary attributes. It was a crime drama in which we see the mountains of corpses, shooting, weapons, spy gadgets and bad guys.

This kind of Comedy, full of touching and funny characters, from an ice cream vendor who speaks only French, for a black girl who likes to read clever books. The latter, incidentally, only friends are Ghosts.

The main leitmotif of the film — the Eastern philosophy, as a tribute to the film «Samurai» of the Director Jean-Pierre Melville.

The smile on the face of the protagonist we see only when he releases doves into the sky while on the roof, which became his refuge. Perhaps, deep down, the Dog also dreams of freedom and high flying. Great film-meditation with a great soundtrack and actors who will help to lead thoughts in order.

4. Coffee and cigarettes (2003)

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2014_6HTTuX2ksYSiTA huge concentration of cool characters in one movie.

«Coffee and cigarettes» — nine short stories, featuring brilliant musicians and talented actors who full movie poison stories, funny joke, argue, and bullied each other. That’s all.

5. Only lovers left alive (2013)

7 years Jarmusch needed to raise money for the project. The film tells about the ancient vampires of Adam and eve that, almost the same age with dinosaurs.

Adam, played by everyone’s favorite Loki Tom Hiddleston, perfectly adapted to the modern world, playing a depressive underground music. He wanders in search of peace and spiritual harmony, if it has, of course, is the soul, and the only thing that reconciles him to life, his faithful old friend, in the performance of Tilda Swinton.

She comes to him for help through several time zones, firmly deciding to pull the poor out of the gloomy depths of black depression and hatred of the mere mortals.

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