An accident involving a drunk Polish Santa


Continue to convince you that the New year is not as great event as it seems to us now. I already wrote a good article about this, but now increasingly continue to see this. Why people love so much to get drunk and to get drunk for the New year?

Drunk in dupline Santa Claus c Polish fair with his wife girlfriend was the main attraction at this event. 51-year-old Santa and his 31-year-old female assistant shouted cheerfully songs bad voice and drove through the city streets on a sleigh pulled by horses. Unexpected car horn startled the horses that raced at great speed, made a sharp turn and overturned the sledge with Santa Claus and his girlfriend.

Santa’s got a few fractures and a concussion, girlfriend too well crushed bone. That’s the stuff. Perlo fumes from Santa and his snow Maiden so that approach was impossible. Perhaps it’s the influence of the Soviet Union on the culture of Poland. By the way, suddenly it’s Santa Claus?

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