Americans were forbidden to say «Bingo!»

Americans were forbidden to say «Bingo!»


American laws and prohibitions is a bit annoying, isn’t it? However, whenever you see a new ridiculous law, think about North Korea. And all as a hand shoots!

18-year-old boy from America named Austin Whaley judge Doug Grothaus issued a verdict, according to which the young man is categorically forbidden to say «Bingo!» in the next six months.

What happened? Austin burst into the room to play bingo in his native Covington, ky. In the audience was mainly elderly ladies. Exclamation Austin led the hall in a wave of exceptional inspiration and embarrassment. The majority of the participants thought the game is over and there are winners.

Austin and his friends sent to the station for disorderly conduct. Now he faces a fine and a special penalty of a prohibition is not to say «Bingo!» for six months.

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