Americans are taught how to survive in the zombie Apocalypse

Americans are taught how to survive in the zombie Apocalypse

Dude, nobody knows how will end the existence of this world. Maybe the Earth will collide with a giant asteroid, might be an atomic war, can we conquer the aliens from other planets, maybe even start the Apocalypse in the biblical scenario. And can we just eat zombies, it was not you think, friend?.

But us guys thought about it and even introduced courses in American schools, dedicated to survival in such a situation. The author of the 10-week self-defense course from living evil dead Jan LaRoche’m sure it will help to know the ending.

The students from these sessions absolutely loved it. It is much more interesting than the usual self-defense more interesting, more prestigious and more modern than all there is in the camp of scouts and Rangers. Courses students to tell how to hide that stupid zombies won’t find you, where to get food, drink and where to go next. Students also watch a variety of movies about the living dead, to know the enemy in the face. Teachers tell children to which weapons in zombies greatest vulnerability and where they need to go.

Of course, students do not really believe in the possibility of invasion of hordes of slow-witted undead in the wilds of America, but we are confident that these skills will not be superfluous. You never know what will come up of modern scientists?

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