Ambiguous qualities that will help to achieve success

What it takes to be successful? Work, work and work again, right? Unfortunately, sometimes this is not enough, we have to use methods that are publicly condemn, but do not hesitate to use them. However, we do not call, we are only saying that sometimes it is absolutely necessary. Sometimes.


To shock the audience is not given to everyone. You like Lady Gaga, appearing in public in a suit of meat or foreskin, and shock can be strong statements, as a Theme Lebedev. It’s not as easy as it seems, talent is needed here, because you need to save at least some respect and not to slip in the final Gigantism. Sobchak that’s got to get out of the tent and to teach Housewives to the fact that she’s a serious journalist, and Roman trachtenberg no, despite his intelligence, talents, and daily interviews in which he refused to a strange past. Died a monster in the understanding of the masses.

Here at Richard Branson’s happened, so he became the most talked about businessman after the Mask, gates and trump, who, in turn, itself not averse to surprise the audience with razor-sharp statements. The eternal quest to break speed records and maintenance of the aircraft in the flight attendant costume has brought its advantages. However, there is one problem: no one remembers the name of his company and what she does.


Good or bad quality – tyranny? For those who deals with it, of course, is bad, but for those who «emits» useful. Still under the firm hand of the herd goes smoother, making all deadlines and not being late. Tyranny does not add to the popularity, but adds money.

Remember elevated to the status of God the old days of Steve jobs. Many are convinced that without his legendary temper Apple would not become the chief relic of mankind. He was a real tyrant, to recall the story of when Steve fired the employee who dared to enter with him into the Elevator at the main office of Apple, or when he fired an assistant that brought him mineral water is not the same brand. As mentioned Apple employee: «no One ever dares to greet him. Employees of low rank at all afraid of him. I remember a case when he once walked the Apple campus, and groups of people that got in his way, immediately disappeared, to give him way. Here these practices are geniuses, billionaires, and… the list goes on.


To be very generous, you need a lot to earn. Although many retain this habit even when. In fact, the lack of willingness to share and spend money right and left is absolutely logical. It’s not even greed and not greed, and, as the chief leprechaun of socialist realism, Domovenok Kuzya, the thriftiness.

Take, for example, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad. Father is a furniture designer with senile for the Russian ear the names in its 80 years has already earned $28 billion. however, he has a fantastic greed. In childhood, Kamprad bought matches in bulk and then sold them for profit on one box to the Swedish village. Now he drives a Volvo, which is already 12 years old and regularly enjoys a pension discount card. One of the richest people in the world avoids wearing suits, flies economy class and encourages 90 thousand IKEA employees to write on both sides of the paper. These people know the price of success and money, especially those who have risen from the depths of the social ladder. Who knows, maybe someday greed will save the world. Kamprad is already his respect for the paper definitely saved a few thousand trees.

Hatred and envy

It would be logical to combine these two traits, because they always go side by side.

Vile, filthy, vicious feelings. But it is the envy of other people success and talent makes some people climb out of my skin, and the hatred only reinforces these aspirations. To recall the history of the conflict between Edison and Tesla. Offended by the fraud of Edison, Tesla set up his office with transformer and alternating current. The rivalry between the two sverkunov, fueled by envy each other’s successes and outright hatred, resulted in the legendary War of currents, the like of which was not in the galaxy. As a result of this fierce hatred of the two geniuses the mankind has learnt to transmit electricity over long distances and to do electric chairs.


There’s nothing to say. In some countries, without it, neither the movie is not to shoot nor not to earn money. What can I say, you have to lick many Asses to achieve success. You can love President of a small Republic so much that you will want to pose with a card that says that he is very good person. For this you give the title of people’s artist of the Republic. You can sing a song that your friend is the leader of one very large country, apparently hoping for a post of Minister of culture. And you can sleep with unpleasant to you Director for the role in the blockbuster. Even if you’re a guy.


Perfectionism – is it good or bad? Psychologists say that it is not a very reliable way to bring yourself to a nervous breakdown. Perfectionists often do not allow to move forward mistakes and failures, which unsettles them, and the constant desire to ideal ends in madness. However, the successful «nihilists» in times less than perfectionists. Take Leo Tolstoy: it countless number of times to rewrite their manuscripts. However, to be more precise, they were copied for him by his wife Sofya Andreyevna, but the fact remains that his books are considered to be recognized as food for the intellectuals of the whole world.

Our old friend Steve jobs in a period of six months forced the design team to alter the scroll bar in OS X. But we love «the Apple» for her attention to detail. This distinguishes the company’s products from consumer goods.


Speaking of oddities, we can cite a million examples. Of course, the strangeness of so — so quality. All of the above can be attributed to the weirdness, though a stretch. But we’re talking about the vagaries, perhaps even disorders, we’re talking about things that are not very comfortable to live in society. And society itself does not like strange (not to be confused with eccentric). But in the cases it helps. Beethoven, for example, (absolutely travelled person, frankly) never shaved, getting started, believing that he has lost his inspiration, and, moreover, poured a bucket of ice water on your head to concentrate. And don’t you dare say that his music is not brilliant. Dickens visited the morgue, saying that the invisible paw of death beckons him as female muster. But Churchill liked to walk around naked, without hesitating of civil servants and staff that came to him. He could even pronounce a letter to his Secretary, being dressed in Adam’s costume. So you see, worked better.

So, if you feel a deviation, or a strange whim, don’t be shy, you might even be a genius.


We all tell lies to shield himself lying mother that you didn’t put a » d » lying wives do not change, and smart people make money. Big business is impossible without lies, from the compliments to the business partners that sell to mass consumers who sell cosmically useful (according to advertising) the product, completely devoid of the slightest use. Where is the falsehood there is the trick without her too, anywhere, for the trick – an indicator of flexibility of mind.

This defect is the work of many media and the entire advertising sector. At the time, the Rothschilds have caused a collapse on the stock exchange, thanks to which earned 40 million pounds (a huge figure in 1815), simply by telling the world that the battle of Waterloo Napoleon had won, not Wellington. On lies make a career of the controversial journalists, and, in General, everything. Even renowned whistleblower Nevzorov, who said on this occasion:

I’m no lover of truth. What am I, crazy? In some cases, the truth will never tell. Generally, a lie – a sign of advanced intelligence. Because it is the ability to deal with abstractions of the second, the third order of difficulty, when the whole thing is either recombine reality or reality completely fictional. And various neuropsychological tests involve, including a test’s ability to lie. The higher the ability to lie, the complete man.

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