Amazing substances that laugh in the face of science

manygoodtips.com_5.11.2014_DNAqPlz5rL2yJNow of course we can laugh at our ancestors who thought gunpowder is the machinations of the evil one, but in the world, and to this day there are materials that are created in a scientific way, the manifestation of the properties which like fucking magic. They are hard to get and some are even dangerous as hell, but this makes them even more cool.

1. Gallium – metal that melts in hand

You, of course, aware of the existence of a liquid metal – mercury. And, of course, you know that any metal melted at a high temperature. But our world is capable of strange fiction and is full of unusual things, for example, there is a strong metal that can melt like ice cream in your hand. Meet gallium. This metal even at low thermal treatment is transformed into a safe version of Robert Patrick from «Terminator 2».

Gallium melts easily at room temperature, so that the construction which had not been there he did not do. Unless you decided to create something for fun. Very short jokes. Well, even with gallium you will be able to gain fame as a great magician, for example, if stir gallium spoon in hot water, it dissolved in seconds. And that’s not all. On Youtube you can find a lot of videos where people mock the aluminum items, because for some reason, gallium is not very good with aluminum and able to turn a Pepsi can or a computer radiator in a paper napkin. Personally, we’d come up with a more epic drawing, for example, dripped a little bit of this crap on the neighbor’s bike before the neighbor decides to take a little ride in the evening at the green area, but perhaps that’s why the law forbids us to approach the chemicals.

2. The gas is able to hold objects

«It is a substance heavier than air.» Hmm… I Agree, this phrase can cause a light yawn. Come on new? «Look at what you are capable of this shit called sulfur hexafluoride!»

For once in your life you played with helium balloons, and in the end your voice was like the squeak of a Chipmunk, especially fun to do that voice filthy curses. But not only helium can change the voice. Sulphur hexafluoride can be called the evil twin brother of helium. Breathe in the ball, filled with this gas, and you talk as if worms in addition to you being settled and the demon.

Look at Neil Patrick Harris

The reason for this conversion is that sulphur hexafluoride is several times heavier than air, causing it reduces the frequency of any sound passing through it. On the same principle, but on the contrary, works helium. Now imagine what you can do with this gas, with such valuable information. For example, if you pour gas in glass container, it passes through air and will settle on the bottom. This gas, like water, able to withstand the weight of less dense objects. For example, a boat made of aluminum, which will float in the air like magic.

You can look this clip where the guy takes a glass, scoops up something invisible to the eye, what keeps a boat, and poured it right on the boat. The boat is sinking.

3. Substance, does not tolerate water

Doesn’t sound as good as it looks. See this green mass? It’s not Apple jelly not rectangular lozenge, water glass tiles, colored green. Even if you smear it on the surface, it still will take its original shape. This occurs because the edges of the plates treated hydrophobic material with which the surface repels the droplet. In the middle of the plate is not processed, so all the liquid drains out there. If you drop a drop of water on the treated surface, you can see as she runs off to the side where no hydrophobic material.





If you smear this muck finger and plunged into the water, it will remain completely dry, and around him formed a kind of film, the texture looks like a tiny condom, the water will run away in horror away from your finger.


Another interesting experience I can see in the video below: the spoon is lowered into the water, poured it in the sand, it turns into something disgusting, like guts, and then get a spoon with perfectly dry sand.

4. Hot ice

Hot ice or sodium acetate is a liquid which solidifies at the slightest stressful situation. Touch him with your finger or shout a few swear words-like substance from a liquid turns into a substance from the solid ice crystals. For example, you can throw this thing in a container to touch it with a finger or a cock, depending on how you like, and then watch as white crystals randomly distributed across the surface a few seconds to turn into ice.





The sodium acetate cools very slowly and is able to maintain a liquid state even at zero temperature. But if it is to «Wake up», he realizes that «slept» all the world, and begins to engage too actively, namely, its particles begin to quickly harden.

5. Metal with memory

Now look at the metal that has a memory. Watching the video posted below, you will see a small coil of wire, at first glance, an ordinary, when in contact with boiling water forms the word HOT ( «hot»). This is nitinol, an alloy of titanium and Nickel, which is able to take its original shape even after deformation drastically. All you have to do is pour on the boiling water, and no matter how much tangled and twisted wire «remembers metal,» will take the original shape. As they say, just add water. Modern engineers to this stage of learning this material is thought to create a sunglasses with a frame made of nitinol. I wonder whether we’ll live until the moment when it will start to make cars.

6. Explosive powder

Iodide of nitrogen is a little bit like a pile of mud or a portion of garden fertilizer, but don’t try to use that thing in his back yard. Unless you’re a super hardcore fan. This substance is very unstable, and even a light breeze will be enough to make a powerful explosion. Iodide of nitrogen has not found wide practical application, except in the field of sick jokes. After the explosion the powder leaves a nice purple cloud.

In addition, in the first season of «breaking bad» Walt uses it to blow up the den of drug dealer. The only mistake of the film is that Walter died, even before reaching the place, with similar nuclear substance in the bag.

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