Altruist or a rag?

Altruist or a rag?

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2014_6oE2muuEVZXomTo help people in need. Man is a social animal, it is vital that communication with their own kind, we need help from other people as we would sincerely hated them. Another thing is altruism. Why? Because many altruists turn themselves into men-pleasers. They forget about themselves and completely dissolved in the other people who do not respect them and did not put that in. Why should not the village without a righteous man? Because the righteous person is the one whose easy hump goes all fair village! Respect the rural of the righteous? As shown by classical literature and life, not really. Someone is in early childhood instilled in us that put their lives on the altar society is a wonderful idea that this society will surely appreciate. Only it is not so!

How to determine that you don’t help people, and solve them for all their problems?

1. You feel like a rag

Even the most hardened of the Creator’s goodness ever appears that they were used and thrown away. It seems that he helped another person, but «saved» does not show him enough respect, but just the opposite: the view that altruistic Loch, and the Loch is destiny. However, fan to please the people immediately forget about this uncomfortable feeling because I think his cause is right.

2. You’re always afraid of hurting other people’s feelings

Mythical other people’s feelings for you is a serious factor. No one can fully understand that thinking this or that person, if he is not a mutant-type telepath Charles Xavier from X-men.

It is believed that other people’s feelings, more concerned about women, but it is not so. Men suffer from it. Are you afraid to offend someone, disappoint, or upset. Your world is a fucking minefield, and you’re a sapper, who is constantly afraid to step on a mine and explode. Keep it simple! A fact of life that some just love to be offended, to not offend anyone is almost impossible.

3. You put yourself lower than others

If there is a choice: your interests or the interests of other people — you’ll never choose your side, because I am sure that is selfishness. In their system of values, your figure stands far below other people. And that’s too bad. For yourself if you’re not a man. All you do is try to love and respect other people, completely dissolving them. You wonder why not cause people to have positive emotions and gratitude? You itself do not keep a man, why should they?

4. You put the opinions of others ahead of your own

If you have to work in a team, you will deliver below not only their interests but also their own opinion. «Rag» would not insist on his own, will not be to convince others that right and that his version is much better than the one which now followed. «They know better!» — I will tell you himself, and once again closes his mouth.

5. Too often you meet people who need to be saved, to comfort

In the lives of ordinary people with normal self-esteem and attitude not often come across people who need help and moral support. You meet such people almost every day, and any conversation with you boils down to: «yesterday I met a girl, she was crying, I bought her ice cream and two hours of listening to them, as left her ex-boyfriend.» That is why you have so many «friends» who constantly needed help. And you save them, because «they are very good, a little silly, but it’s still good»! Also people like you are whiners-friends, they are also constantly recovered from various troubles and kindly provided his waistcoat, to the «victim» had a chance to cry.

6. Are you afraid to let everyone down

As we have mentioned above, your life is a minefield. You’re treading on him as a sapper, fearing to tread where you should not. Your greatest fear — the fear to let someone close. Arrive on time to pick up his dog. Not to do the job for someone in time. Or to make a wrong choice that will disappoint your mother. You live in other people’s interests, and to determine what you want and what others want you, is almost impossible. However, if you have even such a thing as a personal opinion?

7. You’re constantly apologizing

It’s one thing when you accidentally pushed the man and he fell. Apologized once, gathered his things, gave up, lifted the man and moved on. But do you apologize for everything, even when has done nothing wrong. And all this because they used to always take the blame. Moreover, you have a tendency to convince yourself that you really are guilty, and will appear after the painful injections!

8. You rarely ask for help, and even less accept it

For you to turn to someone for help is a very difficult task, because you don’t want to be the cause of discomfort and inconvenience. In addition you want to show the world that you can do it yourself. And the world is totally indifferent!

9. You hate confrontation

Nothing will ever convince you that confrontation is a normal part of human life. Even if you’re a hundred percent sure that’s right, you back off, because I don’t like someone upsetting disputes and quarrels.

10. People can always count on service

You never fail anyone if you ask. Again, you’re always trying to please people by doing everything necessary even if you have no time for other people’s problems. Get your life, man! No you a monument during lifetime is not going to put!

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