Alternating magnetic table


Each bro has the sense to get his house something original, which you can brag to your friends. Despite the fact that things are fu and try to overpower us, just enough not to give in and buy the thing, and then dump it, because it is not necessary. Things should be easier.

But not to those things which are made with the mind, they always grab and hold my attention. Before you magnetic levitating table from the set of magnetized wooden cubes with steel veins, which are magnetized in a special way. In fact, this table literally floats in the air. I don’t think it can be safely and diligently to draw drawings, but in order for him to pull funny and something to put, the table is ideal. Although, IMHO, would be better if they did a levitating car. Well, the consumer society!

RPR Float Table from RockPaperRobot on Vimeo.


Buy this table for the price of 2 bucks. And yet the guys do here such tables with the help of magnetization.


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