All you need to know about vasectomy


When you lead a violent sexual life, do not think about the future. However, sooner or later there comes a time of growing up, you become more Mature, stop the race for sexual encounters no longer count the number of girls slept with. All this is now not particularly important because you find one that can replace all previous. I agree, sounds awfully corny. But that’s the problem with eternity, you can have confusion with the former, after all, every could fly. For this reason many people marry the people that have no sympathy. Perhaps someone will say: «well, there was nothing to stick his bone everywhere!» And those some would be right, however, there is one medical option which attracts many men of our time. A vasectomy, my friend, is it. It was made of Ronaldo, Chris Hadfield (astronaut, you should know him) and Hank Moody. No, we are not promoting the surgery, but for some it certainly could be a solution to many problems.

1 Why do people get a vasectomy? Of course, there are some good arguments that maintain the demand for this operation. The fact that it gives the opportunity to unprotected sex life, but it is quite another level of sensations. Of course, there will remain the danger of venereal disease, but, at least, to get pregnant, no one will. Freedom itself also leads to a number of advantages, which may affect not only licentious, but also family life. Sex becomes less stressful and more spontaneous. You don’t have to bother about pregnancy.

Control, which took place earlier, disappears. In turn, the people more serious about financial planning, it is not necessary to think about the consequences that may arise due to a particularly agile sperm. Sometimes people do a vasectomy for the reason that girls can’t take birth control for medical reasons.

2 How does it look?


The procedure itself lasts 20-30 minutes and is usually performed in the urology office. In it you will do? No needles in the dick, don’t worry, even knives will not. Instead, use a spray that painlessly stops the VAS deferens. Then it is cut and sewn — this is done twice, because they so much.

3 Procedure affects sexual activity? Surgical manipulation of the reproductive organs are always scary — suddenly these doctors will ruin everything and will no longer no sex at all! But not to worry, the blood and nerves of the penis are not involved in this procedure. Everything about erection and sexual desire remains the same as before.

4 what happens to the ejaculate? Stays in place, because the sperm make up only 3-5 % of the total mass of the ejaculate. That is, the person won’t even notice the difference in the amount of liquid.

5 to have sex immediately after surgery? Will have to wait 8-10 weeks for the body to adapt and recover. And you’ll have to provide a sperm sample just to make sure in the positive result of the operation. There are times when a vasectomy is wasted, the people happily having sex, and then resent from the positive pregnancy tests. In General, even after surgery, you should check whether all went well.

6 are There any risks?


In any surgical procedure there are risks. If you do the operation somewhere in the underground medical laboratories, the wonder of infection or hemorrhage would be foolish.

Some guys experience pain in the «layers», since around them can be damaged blood vessels. This leads to a reduction in their volume, by the way. Sometimes, pain becomes chronic. Often ejaculatory flow recovers spontaneously, which leads to pregnancy girlfriend.

7 When this procedure is reasonable? This operation can be clean if you know what I mean. That is, if you want to do, we must have compelling arguments in favor of this decision. In 20 years it is foolish to assume that you will never want to have children. In Northern Europe a vasectomy allow only children who have reached 25 years. By this time, have enough brains to get stronger, not to do anything stupid. But the procedure is rational if it makes the person who already has two children, a loving wife, and financial problems that do not allow you to feed another person. In this case, there are two options: or your sex will be dangerous and «in the hood», or you get a vasectomy.

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