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manygoodtips.com_11.08.2015_ohVsvy2IS3bJtAt the time of Gabriel garcía márquez asked how his working day is what the venerable moustache told an interesting story: «I sit at work at 8 in the morning. Work 12 hours. And if I manage to write at least a sentence – we can say that the day was a success. And if you manage to write a paragraph a day can be considered successful.» The surprised reporter just blurted out that this is complete suicide, what Maestro said, «this is suicide I live.»

And it’s true. The work of a writer – a real suicide. Yuri Kazakov as he wrote in his memoirs: «the Writer must be courageous, I thought, because his life is hard. When he’s alone with a clean white sheet of paper against him absolutely everything. Against him millions of previously written books – it is simply terrible to think! and idea what else to write about when all this has been. Against him headache and self-doubt in different days and different people, who at this moment calling him to come, and all sorts of worries and troubles…»

Indeed, any creativity causes itching and headaches, and when you invent from scratch new itch starts even stronger. Writing needs to engage in or fanatics of the word, or those who really have something to tell. Nothing romantic, nothing about this job. On the contrary, hard, heavy and annoying work. In the mass the writer is sitting in a luxurious office, filled with all sorts of things Desk and working from 9 to 6, Smoking his pipe. In fact, capable of such units. For example, the goddess of British detective Agatha Christie worked in fits and starts, with no separate office or even a Desk. Wrote for the bedroom washstand table, or can Nestle at the dining table in between meals. And Nabokov actually wrote down chunks of text on cards, and then folded from the fragments of pages and chapters.

And the graphics are not there is none at all. Or rather, not at all. Hemingway, for example, could work according to the schedule, lifting not after six in the morning, fresh and rested. Even if you were out late drinking. Hemingway worked until midday, standing near the shelves. On the shelf stood a typewriter, on which lay a wooden Board lined with sheets for printing. Having filled pencil all the leaves, he rented a Board and reprinted written. Each day Hemingway counted the number of written words and build schedule. Same story with today’s fashionable Murakami, who for many years day-to-day gets up at four in the morning and write for six hours straight. Honor and praise to those people who can collect all the creative chaos in the pile, comb it, to educate and to adjust. But it is rather the exception to the rule.

Only a successful, established writer can afford to devote as much time to «scribbling» as he needs. Often writers write in between the main things, whether it is work, presentations, teaching, performances, and even alcoholism. Besides, you never know where you will catch the inspiration. Fitzgerald wrote when the brain is attacked by the bouts of activity, Flaubert wrote at night, well after strolling around, talking to mother, taking a bath and endlessly absorbing food. Therefore, writing a novel and it took him a whole 5 years. About the same story and with the author of «Ulysses» by James Joyce, who wrote his book in between teaching lessons in piano and English.

The poorer the writer, the crazier his regime. Although even climbed on the literary Olympus of genius of the pen, typewriter and computer keyboards live a difficult life, because in the pursuit of hard cash have to sign contracts with publishers. But the publishers require the author’s new and new masterpieces. Not just a walk-through of the books, and one hundred percent hits. And as Muse to subdue difficult, you have to work through retching, hysteria and hatred for all living things. And then we wonder why writers drink so much and so often go crazy. And when there are no thoughts, but a book you need to pass in a week? Well, if you had a very eventful life as that of Truman Capote, which is simply copied onto paper outstanding events of secular parties in which he took an active part, or as the same Marquez – just sit at the typewriter, remembering something from childhood or adolescence. And if your childhood was boring, have no life, you’re not Sartre, who uses drugs and is politically active? You just have a rich imagination, and you very much feel this mortal coil covered with purulent scabs of injustice in the world. You Salinger, Beigbeder not. You do not hire the services of a ghostwriter, as Dontsov and other writers who produce on the shelves books with the speed of machine gun fire. What then? Then Hello madness and sleepless nights spent in trying to write a paragraph.

Writing is not a profession, a vocation, it is a daily drudgery. Flaubert once said: «in the end, the work is the best way to escape from life.» Even the above mentioned meter literature and sample the vaunted Japanese discipline Murakami to follow the Spartan regime rejects all the invitations, which greatly offended his friends: «Readers don’t care what my mode of the day, if only the next book was better than the last». That is, if you want to write a lot and efficiently. On the other hand, for many endless partying was a kind of creative viagra like the same Fitzgerald. Georges Simenon, who is considered the most prolific writer of the 20th century (425 books), the mode is not complied with, worked attacks for two to three weeks. But how he did it! From six to nine, giving times for 80 printed pages. However, had to support himself with tranquilizers in order to somehow maintain a schedule. But it’s all «flowers» in comparison with how tortured another French genius Marcel Proust. To focus fully on the job, he disappeared from society and almost never left his famous upholstered oak bedroom. Proust worked nights, I would sleep all day, up to three or four hours. Upon awakening ignited a powder containing opium – so he was treating asthma. Didn’t eat, only had Breakfast coffee with milk and a croissant. Proust wrote in bed, rubbed the book on his knees and placing a pillow under the head. Not to sleep, took caffeine pills, and when the time came to sleep, stuck caffeine with veronal. Apparently, he tortured himself deliberately, believing that physical suffering allows you to reach heights in the art. It cost him his health and mental strength. But now everyone knows it. Thanks to Vladimir Vladimirovich Posner, of course.

The writers of absolutely crazy people. It’s hard to be normal when you’re doing what you create, in fact, new worlds, the lives of others. Even harder to be normal when inside, there’s a writer’s gift, which causes your head to burst from the endless stream of thoughts. He’s worse than a worm-parasite: if you climbed back out. And you would like to be creative, but the reality is that their fees, there is a very small percentage of writers.

Why do you see modern hacks on TV? For the sake of PR? Why writers spend their efforts on the often hated journalism and columns in print publications? Train pen? No, of course. Writers want to eat. Their children want to eat. And the fee for a long time do not feed. So either in the short term to write the hit book (and not the fact that you will get something like «a Clockwork orange» is that Burgess wrote for 40 days purely for the coin, not investing in the story nothing), or engage in extraneous matters, namely: seminars, to teach, to work in the field of advertising, working as a journalist, writing scripts for films and TV shows (even third-rate).

And now I’m upset. The circulation of books is rapidly falling. With circulations falling and literary work. In Russia it is especially noticeable – the aura of «the most reading nation in the world» has long left us. Fees may reach a million rubles for one book at best. Aspiring Author about that kind of money can not imagine. Russian writers, who can rely on such fees, 20 people. There are two to four «serious» writer whose fees are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or euros. 95% of Russian writers receive for the book from 50 to 100 thousand rubles. The fee for the first book is usually 25 thousand rubles. The sale of rights abroad can cost from 1000 to 25000 Euro. Comfortable feel writers, the assets of which already have 10-20 books that «work, so you make it creates a certain basis for life.» Royalties (money from the selling price of sold copies) is from 3 to 25 percent, on average – 5-10. That count. Even if we accept that the author has created this Book not five years, but only one year, his income from literary work will range from 67 to 83 dollars per month. And if the book is successfully sold out and new copies or new books will increase the income of the author in 3-4 times, he will be earning 300-500 $ per month.

Besides, look at the book market. You can see how much mass consumption and delusional crap on the shelves. Are you sure that they are able to write some better? We believe in you! You can publish your essays in the Internet, gaining an audience, but don’t be surprised if someone will borrow you have created you line. However, sooner or later, you will still have to contact the publisher, and ideally the services of literary agents. In General, site any a little bit serious publishing houses have a section for «budding writers». You can look for the patronage of the venerable geniuses of the pen turning forum «Russian writers ‘club», but don’t be surprised if instead of supporting the greedy Russian writer offers you a job his personal «ghostwriter». Maybe as part if nothing more you don’t know how it will work, but will kill your essence.

Be prepared to pester publishers. Earn money, you’ll need them for small expenses. You can publish a book at their own expense, paying for advertising, promotion, and even the work of the designer of the cover. If you can afford it – we are glad. If not, don’t despair, we stick together. So the road by walking! Just be sure that the writing is yours, that you are ready to devote their life to streamline the rapid flow of his thoughts and impressions. This is all fine and good, but does not guarantee you prospects. In the end, to be a writer – it’s like my whole life to do homework. But if you manage to climb to the top of Parnassus, you won’t regret it.

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