All you need to know about perfume

manygoodtips.com_10.09.2015_nLAtrqiYCsqVuReal men Cologne ceremony. They drink it. Those who are still mentally and physically not reached this level of enlightenment, only they apply it… In the best sense of the word. Only they do it in violation of all norms and rules: from most dudes reeks of sweetened or later, or they poured the entire bottle, leaving a murderous trail. We got tired of it! Read and memorize, if you want ladies went crazy (in a good way, and not as the chair) from your exquisite flavor.

Apply on the right place

Your fragrance at the point at which the blood circulates is particularly strong. Heat helps promote and preserve the scent all day. Total of 16 points, but the most convenient of them is the wrist and the area behind the ears. You can, of course, the «plicate» in the bend of the elbow or on the clavicle, then the shirt (or whatever) will become impregnated with your scent. But don’t push it, don’t turn yourself in gives off a pleasant stench gazenvagen. The fragrance is pleasant, only when it’s in moderation. If you just apply the perfume on the clothes, it will quickly evaporate. Although natural fabrics can highlight a pleasant smell for a few days.

It is believed that you can create a cloud of perfume and walk through it. Don’t do that, the scent will evaporate instantly. This technique is only suitable for expensive, especially persistent and strong fragrances.

Keep the aroma of the hair, but clean. The effect of applying the perfume on dirty hair is the equivalent of pouring shit in a public toilet with bleach. You can sprinkle a little comb and comb her hair. So, perhaps, even better.

And in any case can not put perfume on the areas of heavy sweating. Not mask it with Cologne underarm sweat. The smell of perfume mixed with the smell of sweat carries our memory for all those public toilets are filled with bleach.

Immediately after a shower

Clean, lightly steamed skin much better absorb the flavor. And wet hair will keep it on record for a long time.

The distance and amount of

Try not to hold the bottle too close to the body, otherwise it will leave a stain on my shirt. The ideal would be a distance of several inches from the body and applying a light jet. Not a gun shot, and a neat jet. If you apply perfume behind the ears, then, of course, difficult to aim and hit the mark, holding the hand at an unnatural angle. But there is a caveat: just 1-2 of «zilch». Not fill your pores, remember, all should be the measure.

So, how does Azis, it is impossible to do!

Do not RUB perfume into the body

Some fondly rubbed it into his flesh, as if it were a cream. Absolutely pointless. The perfume then smell differently and evaporates faster. Only popisky or apply a drop of perfume on the body and let it dry. Do not kill and do not RUB it!

Don’t mix

Remember how it smells in the «Rive Gauche» and other similar stores? Here you will smell about the same, if you mix Cologne with strongly-scented deodorants and aftershave. Most of these odors are not combined with each other and create what is irritating the surrounding stench.

Not part of

It is believed that the ideal perfumes are those whose scent can’t hear you. In any case, after some time the smell you’ll get used to it. However, be sure that the surrounding is still a wonderful feeling. So one day, in the morning, is enough. If the scent evaporates quickly, you can use them again.

In addition, each person has a personal «scent circle»: its radius is approximately equal to the arm’s length. Surrounding should not feel your perfume, if they are not included in this «circle». Therefore it is not necessary to pour gallons of perfume, especially that the perception of a smell. This is the point I want to repeat over and over again, because many as before «strangled» by the principle: «I should pour the whole damn bottle to myself!»

Distorted smells

Over the years, the smells change, and that’s fine. Does not change in this world, only the wig of Joseph Kobzon. This is what I? To ensure that the various physiological processes of your body smells change. It is said that after eating spicy foods the flavors begin to sound «bitter».

In General, products are able to emphasize certain notes of the perfume. Alcohol, on the contrary, enhances the sound of any flavor. But cigarette smoke, the use of prescription drugs is able to distort the sound of any perfume as your sweat. If you’re going to run, then bear in mind that interacting with the sweat, your perfume becomes unique smell, not always pleasant. Although some manufacturers produce special perfume for active men: the more you move, the stronger the flavor.

Take care of your perfume correctly

On average, every perfume is stored about 3 years. But some scents can last decades. Extend the life of the perfume will help proper storage in a dry, cool and dark place. Exposure to direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity result in rapid evaporation of the perfume and the loss of their perfume qualities.

The choice of perfume

Try not to choose what flavor anyhow. Your perfume you know of the millions of smells. Remember that same scent on the paper testers and your wrists will smell differently. So it is better to drop on your wrist and wait to evaluate. Usually in stores there is a jar with coffee beans to kill odorous conglomeration of spirits that pervades the store. Be sure to breathe in aroma of coffee, before starting to sniff out your level of compatibility with a specific perfume.

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