All you need to know about mustaches


«Barbs is a pass to the panties,» – says the proverb. The hair on the upper lip means that before you stands a man, not a boy. We are talking about the lush vegetation, not clean, intact blade gun.

Mustache save those who on the cheeks ugly bald head, like an Indian. They make you look like an adult, respected Azerbaijani, enterprising Chairman of the collective farm-the millionaire, a senior researcher, a porn actor 80s or trendy hipster. All the cool kids wore mustaches: albert Einstein, Hulk Hogan, John carpenter, Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny, Soso Vissarionovich and even Adolf… haha, no, not the one about whom you thought, and Adolphe sax, whose name with the suffix «background» representing a name of a musical instrument.

Of course, the choice of whiskers depends entirely on you. Their diversity is the envy of even the beards. But before you choose a form, a small educational program about mustache you can wear a decent guy, and what does not.

If you have thick as the jungles of Cambodia, dark hair, the greater comfort you will feel with such forms as «Pencil», «Fu Manchu» and «toothbrush». No, forget it, it was worn by Charlie Chaplin, and the story was another Austrian with a moustache like Chaplin.


Owners direct, but thicker hair should choose a wide mustache. Usually hair grow very fast, but it is unlikely you will be able to create a thick beauty, like Nietzsche, if your hair is very thin. Most likely, they will just hang near the corners of the mouth, trying to get into the mouth.

Happy owners of a wide mustaches are strongly encouraged to wear the so-called «English» mustache, mustache «Walrus» and «Chevron».

Important role in the choice of plays mustache beard shape. The owners of the so-called «Triangle» not to put in bad light the pointed chin, need a short mustache. «The walrus» and «Fu Manchu» will turn you into a cartoon character with a mustache more than the face, the Pencil is the perfect solution.

Oval face shape is considered universal, since it is suitable for almost all types of mustache.

Chubby men need a moustache, which visually make the face more elongated. Therefore, strictly avoid thin antennae, a round my friend. «Pencil», «Chevron», «Pyramid» will save you from aplomb.

Men with a face shaped like a square, to smooth the damn suit curly «Handlbar», «Fu Manchu» and «Pyramid» mustache. More hair whorls on the face!

Think about how to first grow a beard and then trim the beard to a mustache. In some men the beginning of the sprouting of the moustache looks very strange, if not idiotic. If you don’t want to look like a cockroach, the first fully grow a beard, then just trim it when the moustache is ready. But read more in our article «How to grow a stylish mustache».And now directly to the actual moustache. Choose the form, remember the idols, look in the mirror and put down the razor.


No curls, no frills, just a wide, thick mustache covering his upper lip. For serious men, like Joseph Stalin.

Fu Manchu


Fu Manchu – literary character created by sax Romer. The embodiment of evil with a long, thin mustache drooping towards the bottom. If you’re not the lead singer of Dschinghis Cape, not planning to organize in Russia the Tatar-Mongol yoke, the face is not similar to Shao Kahn, it is unclear how, when and why do you want them to wear.


Full moustache, the same width that touch the jaw line, like an upside down horseshoe. From the «Fu Manchu» they are distinguished by the fact that the end of them, do not hang, and the line is much wider than the Asian osisek. The area above the corners of the mouth does not shave, because all the side of your face. The mustache love wearing bikers, Cossacks, and Hulk Hogan. If something of the above you close – you know what to do.



English their name translates as «Bicycle wheel». Famous curled mustache that is particularly popular in the overgrown hair of youth. They can be as long or short – it all depends on the hair. The most important thing is to do the right curls at the ends. And here, as they say, the wax to help.

If you are a soldier during the First world war (which we doubt) or the dandy, carefully watching them, then the mustache will decorate your fashionable face.

English mustache

Thick mustache that begins at the mid upper lip and famously twisted at the ends in the thin tube. Such a mustache is not enough cylinder, tails and conversations in the style of «Three men in a boat not counting the dog», or investigations, in the style of Hercule Poirot. Although Kukryniksy loved to draw such an antenna is the bourgeoisie.


Idiot show, which will be set up, entangled cockroach whiskers of a great artist, and I will tell you his diagnosis.

The Imperial mustache


Very luxuriant whiskers grow not only on the upper lip, but also stretch along the cheeks up, inextricably connecting using sideburns with the rest of the scalp. For such whiskers have to be incredibly pompous and self-sufficient, like the emperors of the Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire or the late Lemmy Kilmister, gave that moustache the second life.



Is whiskers a triangular shape, a bit like a mustache Chevron, but more regular shape, narrow nose, and wide at the base. Classic and very comfortable mustache on all occasions. List of their owners is pointless because they are imprinted on the faces of the legendary Ron Jeremy, the cowboy from the Village People, and even in the time of Nicolas cage. Maybe your dad or grandfather wore them. From them it smells like the 70s, loose morals and confused in their hairs, crumbs of cocaine.

And if you grow a moustache stronger hold in parallel the fluff under the bottom lip, you can be like Frank Zappa.


In 20-30 years half of the men of the planet Earth he was wearing that mustache. For example, such legendary figures as the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs Genrikh Yagoda and Marshal Blucher. Now to wear them, you need to have a lot of courage, after all, history remembers them above the upper lip not even Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler.



Thick mustache combed from the center to the sides, narrowed and ends at the corners of the mouth or a little further. The level of their splendor, as a rule, depends on the laziness of the owner.

If you pay close attention to the name, it is easy to guess that the fashion for such mustache was born in Hungary. After a few centuries in the desert canyons of the Wild West, they got a second youth, when you grow on the faces of Bank clerks, sheriffs and other vermin.


Fluffy hanging over the lip moustache. Such whiskers often cover their mouth. If you do not mind the prospect of constantly dirty tendrils in the soup and to wear the nickname «Mr. Tusk», please, grow. Console themselves with the thought that the mustache worn by mark TWAIN, Friedrich Nietzsche, and you’re a millimeter closer to their greatness.

Only there

Barely noticeable and rather short whiskers, no different from the usual bristles. The only difference is that their owners vegetation plentifully gathered just above his upper lip and chin. These people also do not like to shave every day.



A small thin mustache, often trimmed at the top or bottom. A basic guide to their thickness had a pencil, so they got its name. 30, 40 and 50-ies, they were incredibly popular thanks to Hollywood idols such as Clark gable, which has become almost synonymous with that mustache. In our time, without them it is impossible to imagine the face of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett.

The mustache, require daily care and attention, wearing the most fashionable personalities of the time – the mafia, so the image of a hardened gangster of Italian descent is not complete without the neat stripes on the upper lip. In the end, Vito Corleone, performed by Marlon Brando has not escaped the elegant hairs.

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