All the disadvantages to be a lover of a married woman


So, dude, so if you’re «lucky» to become the lover of a married woman, today you will hear the sad and instructive story, after which the jokes about the husband/wife and lover seems unfunny. Or Vice versa — is very funny.

This guy is definitely not luck. Not only that, the husband of his «girlfriends» came back a very bad time, so the guy still forced to go down from a decent height on a rope made of bed sheets. The most unpleasant in this situation that her husband’s mistress still found out. But it is unpleasant? After all, our unfortunate hero-lover and part-time, nedokuchaev needs to go down the rope, and he did it somehow it turns out poorly: unsporting boy! However, he has become a hero of YouTube: the crowd below gave a rousing cheer every step the guy. Someone even called the fire Department. In General, the dude is a hero. But all the same unpleasant situation.

And read our advice this would not have happened.

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