All that you will have time to do in my 20 years

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2014_PQrHwFFZqOPLkWelcome to your twenty-or twenty-something years! Get to know this place, here you’ll realize quite a lot of mistakes, and most likely fatal. What kind of crap are you going to do, now we tell you.

If you haven’t managed to make these errors, it is still pointless to warn you, you still have to go through it. If your life was already in such a situation, this does not mean that you will not face the similar. It’s not chicken pox — there is a recurrence.

1. Unhealthy relationships

No, this is not the teenage love, it’s even worse. It’s a habit that turned into an obligation. If you have realized that the relationship with a friend doesn’t make you better, and even the contrary cause to go down the social ladder, it’s time to stop.

Most likely you’re just used to you and comfortable and warm in this shit. Trust me, the sooner get rid of it and get cleaned up, the faster will be the normal person. Yes, now it seems that love is forever. Maybe love and forever, but not the fact that you this feeling. Soon you will realize that the breakup and a breakup is normal, and so will face again and again.

Yes, you’ve been together for a long time, but the relationship is one of those times when quality matters, not quantity. Better crush himself, and not wait until things fall apart by itself.

2. Money

You still do not know what the savings are. You have not yet learned to gather and plan. To live here and now, of course, cool, and don’t need to limit myself in everything, but it will be better if you’ll know frame.

If you have lunch every day not at home, and in cafes or McDuck, it will make you poor in the long term, and possibly fat. Even if your salary is more than enough for living expenses, you still will not be able to make progress in its financial goals, because I always spend more than they earn.

Remember that your expenses today will affect your future. So think well before you buy shoes for 10 thousand. Make sure you spend money on those things that will move you forward to financial prosperity.

3. Work

The student is always short of money, and this problem can be solved. You know how to fix it, and so I got to work. But you have to understand that the work will take a lot of effort and time. That is why do not waste time on one that does not bring you at least a little fun.

If you do decide to go part time, then try to make a new profession somehow touched your interest, hobby or profession to which learning. Don’t listen to those who says that can’t find work in the specialty. If you start searching for another in the learning process, then you have all the chances to be among the lucky ones.

Lucky if you have brains and you started to look for work as a student. After all, unless you have big charges, can try themselves in several areas, and you won’t get in. Wife can not stand the brain for another shift of work, because you have no wife. You’re just trying your hand and rightly so. Not everyone all day in dotco chopped.

It would be better if you create an additional list where you write down those professions and specialties, which would like to try the ones you find interesting. Do not have time to work everywhere, just when you write them on a sheet of paper, you’re already subconsciously you know where you want to try yourself first.

4. Dream

More precisely, the abandonment of the dream. The first thing I want to say: «don’t». Well, really, not for you mother gave birth and raised? She wanted to raise you as a guy who will go ahead to achieve the goal, at least for her sake, don’t give up.

Follow the dream and don’t quit it because of an imaginary fear: «I can’t, and I can’t do that». Fear is a very powerful emotion. Particularly you feel it, if you have, for example, to get away from someone. At this moment you understand that fear more than you. What else was your fear, don’t let him stop you.

If you dream of traveling the world or starting their own business, don’t let fear restrain yourself from decisive action. Yes, mistakes and failures are inevitable, but you can make it so that they do not cause any harm. The most successful people also feel fear, but what distinguishes them from other action — against all odds.

5. Someone else’s opinion

You are now extremely sensitive. Hmm… someone else’s opinion… and to hell with him! That’s what we’ll tell you. You just don’t realize all the depth of your wounds. Don’t let a «nerd» or extremely jealous people affect your destiny.

On the way to your dream you’ll meet insecure in your abilities and doubt you. So, do not give in to their negative comments and do not argue with them. Just let them say what they have to say and make your own choice.

Sometimes such men are necessary, as they help to assess how much you want a dream come true. If you really want this, then you’ll make it, not paying attention to someone’s opinion.

The most important thing — you will never be twenty. So try not to screw it up. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: no matter what you created, what matters is how you came out of the situation. And we are sure that you will always find the right path and will not let his dudes from the distant edition.

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