All that you lose, starting with someone to live

Of course, first and foremost, you lose your freedom. For centuries people have fought for it, and you’re voluntarily losing her. Well, what kind of person is this?

Of course, there are many advantages in living together. For many, the goal of life is to share the bed. In the end, it’s nice when there’s someone caring. But precious nuggets of happiness that is obtained from a single spot cannot be compared to anything. They can argue, but why? Just envy those who these things already enjoys.

To pee with the door open

manygoodtips.com_31.10.2016_UWKPuDm55DSMZTop of the world — to pee with the door open when leather Drin blew a pleasant breeze of the draft, when it’s just you, the toilet and connects you liquid. And no one will burst in the door, distract you from the sweet joy facilitates the soul of urination. And if you shower in the apartment a lot, and in addition does not work the lock, deftly have to pee, clutching his hand to the door handle based on the fact that opens are not strong enough. If it is enough, that is the most likely to confuseda.

Though there is a thing worse: when your partner goes to the toilet with the door open — it’s embarrassing.

Can be painted without shame

Men also want to be beautiful. But the innate stereotype that a man should be a little nicer monkey, and smell like a goat playful, haunted. Tweeze the unibrow, push the eels and look at your reflection in the mirror, the tracks duck under the gaze of his girlfriend as kind of… dumb, or something. Much easier to preen, to necesitates and push extra, knowing that no one suddenly look.

Safely simulate

When you live with someone, things you used to do without thinking suddenly begin to embarrass you. For example, when you’re faking illness to not go to work or school. It is especially difficult when your roommates imagines herself as mentors of morality, begin to lecture about the danger of your idea and to warn you that your absenteeism can end badly. From the sinister hints as to what lie has to pay, is not alone.

And they are right. Sometimes when you’re faking extreme fatigue or cold, not to go to visit or shop, an infection-the conscience wakes up and starts to get «What you’re scum, lying to his beloved?»

Talking on the phone, where and how you want

Not just your grandma yelling into the phone, worrying that you can’t hear her. Half the planet speaks so loud, their sweet trills reach the fifth floor. There’s nothing you can do about it — it’s in the genes. There are people who are very loud laugh, and even after death threats to become quieter they can not. A reflex developed over the years. And then there are people who, during telephone conversations can’t stand in place and running laps. Because they are extremists and can’t live a minute not to spend precious energy.

And when these two evils together, your roommates begin to resent. Running laps around the room, talking, and you say: «No flickers, I’m gonna puke from your maneuvers. And please go into the other room — heard nothing, you bother me to watch TV». But sorry, what the hell, because I live here? Who cares.

And when you’re alone, nobody bothers, and in addition you can do it naked.

Cheap to live

manygoodtips.com_31.10.2016_ltGKmcGu9YT89You can’t imagine how many trees will be saved, if you live in my humble abode in monastic solitude. In dreams, as if in gratitude for your salvation, you will be white ribbons of toilet paper. And then you dream about account for the rents and receipts from supermarkets with the ridiculous amounts. You must have forgotten what it’s like to buy groceries within 500 rubles.

But it is quite real, especially when you live alone. Just have to pay two times less. And finally, you can afford cheap favorite ketchup, which fastidious roommate always bosses nose.

No limits space

You came home from work and decided to do some push-UPS or push press only in a spacious spot in the house. But you say that you are in the way, or worse — start to comment on your exercise. When she goes to bed, and you sit down to play the computer — it tells you loud clicks of the mouse. And as always: the toilet is busy, there are still some problems associated with the space, and after quarrels and abuse to go nowhere. Whether it is when you live alone — grace.

Nobody wakes up ahead of time

When you sleep together, there is one problem that is particularly acute if one of you «owl» and the other «lark». Someone wakes up early and wakes the other, walks around the apartment, loudly slamming the door or lying in bed, watching videos in instagram. About the dream it is possible to forget at once — you will definitely Wake up.

No control

In fact, you no longer belong to yourself. All you need to do with an eye on the roommate. Call a friend for a couple of bottles of «Cahors», in principle, possible, but when you join a girl — will have to share and control what you say. If you live with your parents, then say nothing — to relax will not work.

To go partying too — you lay a machine-gun burst of questions: «where are you? What are you doing there? And you with the women? Oh, you bastard! Do you love me? And how close are you? Well come, I missed you!» Why do we need the police when there is a girl who will start to find you, if you at least half an hour late at work? And try not to take up offense. Why leave from the mother if a girl all the same?

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