All good things coming to an end how to understand that she doesn’t love you anymore

People fall in love with each other, sometimes so much that it is unclear how it ever happened. And sometimes you look at a person and understand that you are practically strangers and you have nothing in common. This can happen slowly, it can happen quickly and can happen at all quickly. But the effect is obvious.

Sometimes it so happens that you’re still in love, but she is somehow not very. You feel the heart that something is not right here, but can’t figure out what. What if she doesn’t love you anymore, how is it determined? We wrote about how to understand if she likes you, today we will tell you how to understand that she doesn’t love you anymore.

1. Sex becomes mundane and routine and not creative

Once your sex life was intense, creative and very pleasant. Today it looks like this: «Maybe tonight will be sex, and perhaps it will not.» You have difficulty achieving orgasm, her face expresses boredom, and you can tell that she’s thinking about what to watch on TV. Surprises have long gone somewhere. If before could you seriously have sex in the bathroom at the bar or in the car, now it seems that all these sexual experiences were in another universe. Now sex is missionary position, plus a rare small deviations. Boring!

2. Sex becomes rare

Previously, you could twice a day to use sexual caresses. Although there… twice a day it was when you was very tired from work. Now sex is once a week, sometimes twice, but it’s only on holidays.

3. Friends are more important

If earlier she was seen with friends once or twice a month, and the evenings you have spent with each other, but now it is almost every day goes to someone in guests. If you live alone, your home a lot around her friends more often than before. If you see that attempts to stabilize the relationship and spend time together face the wall of misunderstanding is a very bad sign, man.

4. The focus has shifted to something else

Your girlfriend was previously some interests that she had spent a lot of time? Now she again admires them, and with you spending time not in a hurry. She signed up for dance, martial arts, courses on cutting and sewing with chopsticks, you see him only once a week and then… somehow not.

5. She gains weight and less concerned about their appearance, and the house wearing holey underwear

Usually the girls calm down when they realize that they no longer need to attract. Often they begin to wear less dress less provocatively to paint and allow yourself to eat more than one slice of cake per week. But this is not the case. She was a sweet beautiful girl before you started Dating, and now has turned into a fat monster, who is unable to squeeze the pimple on your nose. She doesn’t care about their appearance: on the skin, about makeup and about clothes. Probably because she is one of those girls who «seize» dudes, sit on their necks, and score for yourself, because «mission accomplished». Infantile parasites!

6. She has problems with the look you in the eye

Remember when you looked into each other’s eyes and it seemed like a whole eternity? During sex you usually also see each other’s eyes, but now she avoids them. Usually lack of eye contact means that the feeling’s gone and she thinks you’re a stranger. It seems that she’s thinking about something or about somebody else. Most often she’s not looking you in the eye because she is now uncomfortable with you, but perhaps she has other reasons to avoid you. For example, she has someone else…

7. You’re the one who wants to hold hands

Usually she used to always put my pen in your hand or took you by the arm. Now you know that the initiative comes only from you. This is obviously a disgusting fact, which demonstrates that you are now infinitely far from each other. Perhaps, once you hated holding hands, and now you know what she also does not like it. With you.

8. Lying together in an embrace no longer comfortable

Previously, it was the most beautiful way to sleep or just spend the evening. The time passed too quickly when you, arm in arm, smiling and staring at the ceiling (only people in love can spend time with pleasure in this state). Now you understand that it is not convenient. She flips out says she’s uncomfortable that you breathe into her ear, although previously the position of your body was the same, and she does not complain, but quietly fell asleep.

9. Something’s bothering her, but she refuses to discuss it

Have you discussed common problems, maybe not all, but some for sure. Now she’s become a closed book. When you thought it was a good thing: less need to talk about things that are not interesting to you. But now, because you love her (or really feel sickly for her liking), you are, frankly, care. However, she refuses to discuss this with you: shrugs, shakes his head or says it is none of your business. She never wants to let you into my life, now it is no longer an open book and can with confidence at 95 percent to say that your a rift and she doesn’t love you.

10. She doesn’t want to hear about how your day was

Many couples have the custom to tell each other about events that happened during the day. This is a great way to remember all the issues, discuss them, laugh at the pleasant moments and to reduce stress to a minimum. Why do people go to psychologists, training and anything else? They lack communication, but such nonsense in the spirit of «Honey, how was your day?» reduces the level of poison in your patience.

Now you can’t remember when she last asked you about your day. She doesn’t care! If you start this conversation, she listens to you without much interest, and about your day says without hunting in the spirit of «worked». However, maybe she’s just tired?

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