Alko-tips for sports bro

Alko-tips for sports bro

alcohol I sport

Dude, let’s be honest with each other. It is considered that if you play sports, you care about your health, of course. But no one expects you to be that you quit alcohol. Seriously. Even if you try to do it — I doubt you’ll last long. Maybe even to suffer is not worth it. Alcohol has magical properties: it makes you feel invincible, you start to think differently about reality and, of course, having fun. Of course, it’s your business, maybe you’ll get something non-alcoholic lifestyle, I will not convince you: ambition is commendable. Those tips that we will give to you is just a way to control the impact of alcohol on your body. Of course, it is best not to drink at all, but if you’re going to drink and stay in shape, we, as they say, will help than can.

1. Understand what is happening

the brain and alcohol

Remember, man, alcohol is harmful to your body. He harm you, since the moment that gets inside you, right up to the moment comes out of you out. Good start. The action happens in your liver where alcohol is converted into acetic acid, and ceases to be toxic.

Unfortunately for your liver, you poured in too much beer over the last few hours, and it can’t process the stuff fast enough. That is why you get drunk.

So what is the negative impact alcohol has on your body:

  • displays of body nutrients;
  • reduces amount of testosterone and growth hormone (and this is not good);
  • has a diuretic effect.

Remember that before you do at least a SIP.

2. Drink water before, during and after drinking to prevent a hangover


As we said in the previous paragraph, alcohol is a diuretic. So when you drink, then run to the toilet as often as pregnant women.

When your body loses a lot of water, it borrows it from your bodies. Including the brain, which suffers from a lack of fluids is one of the causes of hangover. So drink before, during and after drinking to the next morning, you have not had a splitting headache, and the you start to hate all of humanity.

3. Cocktails


Kokteylchik is for your girlfriend, friend. Drink alcohol, combining it with a large amount of sugar is all the same what to hammer in nails in the coffin of his athletic build.

Drink alcohol pure or add in it the ice or the soda. If you order a coke or something, no you did not say, but will remember it all, man. Hmm, very bravely: Cola-Lite.

4. Beer


Dude, what I told you now, is the equivalent of tearing off the covers with a terrible secret that Santa Claus does not exist. Beer increases estrogen level that lowers testosterone levels and inhibits growth hormone. If you know anything about these things, growth hormone and testosterone is the Holy Grail for guys who want to be in shape.

If you know all this, and yet don’t want to stop drinking beer, be kind, drink it at a minimum. I’ve been reading the results of studies of light and dark Beers. In the dark contains more antioxidants and less calories. So there is no clear answer what to choose.

The only thing that should bother you is just to drink less beer as little as possible. Compared to spirits and wine beer — an undesirable companion of hops and malt. Skip a couple of pints in the bar and is guaranteed to regret it.

5. Wine


In fact, in wine there is nothing particularly macho. That girlfriends love wine, and I see no reason for them this drink is not to drink. The combination of the girls and the wine gives us, it does not say, only wines.

In addition, wine is probably the best alcoholic drink for those who are involved in sports. Although «alcoholic beverage for those who are involved in sports» — a fairly conventional name, because it is best not to drink alcohol at all. So, back to our sheep. Just the fact that it contains fewer calories, antioxidants, and more, and strength he is normal: in short, the best combination. Learn to love the wine because it is the most efficient way to get drunk for the sports bro.

And if you think about the sugar content of wine, listen, man, it’s just a stupid grape. If you eat grapes on each booze, haven’t you got fat?

6. Liqueur


You really should avoid: as a rule, in liquor a lot of sugar. In addition, when you fit a bro and asks: «Dude, what are you drinking?» — and you’re like, «Liqueur», as it sounds at all? And so, liquor will bring all of your hours in the gym, mark my word.

7. Fast food while drinking

fast food

Look, I like to skip some stuff when I do — like any normal person. But trust me, it’s not the best choice for you.

Never eat fast food when you drink — never! What’s the solution? Before you go to a party, make sure to have a protein bar. And while your buddies will absorb the hamburgers you can eat with benefit and, moreover, to feast on the rest of the night.

8. Aspirin before bed and eggs for Breakfast


Aspirin prevents hangovers, man — tested on humans. Eggs — a source of cysteine, which is needed to overcome the consequences of a heavy night out. In addition, they contain protein, which will also be good for you.

In General, drink wisely, friend!

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