Alko-plan for fall

Alko-plan for fall

While some readers struggling with their alcoholic friends, and the other part is trying to cook the best steak in the world, we decided to prepare material for those of us who look at all this and want to pour yourself something tasty. Plus, autumn always triggers on a single drink, where the company will only own thoughts. But they did not get into a hell of booze you drink cocktails, not pure alcohol. That’s why we found you three delicious and, we think, the autumn cocktail.

Gin Fiz

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_fIIRm6ZWmZwwJThe history of this cocktail starts in New Orleans. It was there that he became one of the most popular drinks, thanks to Henry C. Ramos, who opens 1888 the Imperial bar Cabinet. Gin Fiz was more expensive than other cocktails, because the time it takes a lot more. Not because there’s some complicated ingredients-just to horror. But because gin Fiz — this is the longest shake in the world, its beat within 7 minutes. The perfect cocktail for a leisurely autumn evening.


— 45 Medina;

— 30 Limonova juice;

— 80 mladova;

— egg protein;

— 10 ml of sugar syrup.


1. Whisk all ingredients (except soda) and shake method. The shaker should be filled with ice.

2. Filtered in a chilled glass of «highball».

3. Pour soda water on top.

Coffee cobbler

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_7Uz27Qz5mXBUuUsually, autumn is a time of helplessness, sleep and all kinds of diseases. But this is true only for those who are not able to stand on their own feet. And to stand on my feet helps the coffee that invigorates, refreshes and warms at the same time. That’s why we share with you the recipe for an unusual coffee cocktail.


— 30 xmlcopynode liquor;

— 30 mobicel of vodka;

— 10 ml of lemon juice;

— a little 7 UP.


1. Cooled by a glass of highball.

2. Mix all ingredients directly in the glass (do not shake).

3. Add a little ice.

The flying Dutchman the fact that the cocktail is presented of citrus ingredients, it goes perfectly with the entering into power in the autumn, the flying Dutchman, after all. For the first time this cocktail is described in the book «Internationale Cocktail gids» St. Slagter, bartender one hotel in Amsterdam. However, there are other variations of ingredients that don’t include citrus. And the pine scent of gin will always be a way.


— 50 ml gin;

10 ml of orange juice;

— 10 ml of lemon juice;

— a bit of lemon peel;

— 3 ml Angostura.


1. We will need a cocktail shaker with ice. Mix in this gin, orange and lemon juice, and Angostura.

2. Pour the liquid through a strainer into chilled Martini glass.

3. Decorate the glass with lemon zest.

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