Alexey Vasiliev said that in his opinion Arshavin has no place in the team.

Well-known Russian racer, honored master of sports Alexey Vasiliev, being a fan of football and shared expectations of the upcoming qualifying match of world Championship between the teams of Russia and Israel and also said the decision of the coach of Russian national team, Fabio Capello not to invite the current collection of Andrey Arshavin «absolutely correct».

photo: Alexey VasilievPhoto Alexei Vasilyev

-I am convinced that the support of our team will have people from Russia that moved to live in Israel — said Vasilyev. — I think that our team will win. I hope that the team is motivated today,the new head of the RFU and the related transformation brings into play our team a positive change. Want to be in the upcoming match the team showed a clean, outdoor mens soccer.

In other words, you believe that our team will be able to take revenge for the defeat from Israel in the Euro 2008 qualifying round (1:2)?

Now to talk about some revenge is wrong, because after five years in the opponent team has changed. And we, too, have changed. Underestimate the opponent is impossible, but because our League is much stronger than Israeli, I hope that we’ll prevail.

-One of the changes in the composition of our team is the absence of Andrey Arshavin, this time Fabio Capello was not invited to the gathering.

— I think this decision is absolutely correct. I don’t think Arshavin should draw national team. Why? During the European Championship, Arshavin’s behavior was spat into the soul of the Russian fans. It is a disgrace! No star on the world stage would never have allowed himself such. And in person at various levels invested so much money, is obliged to do everything to meet the expectations of football fans.

So all the guys upset with the behavior of Arshavin in the European Championship can rejoice in the near future in the national team we are unlikely to see.

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