Airsoft or how cool to spend time

It is already difficult to find a person who never played pinball. I think that you, friend, at least once, and ran about in the woods or in an abandoned house with a marker and riddled with a dozen people).

However, many people do not like excessive futuristic appearance of the weapon in combination with the small distance at which the game is played. Want to be in conditions as close to real life? To shoot from the «Kalash» or sit with SVD somewhere on the roof and shoot the losers who run headlong in your direction? I mean, I’m not asking you to go to the army). We are talking about airsoft.

Airsoft field game in which players are divided into opposing teams. As weapons are used exact replicas of modern firearms, the only difference is that they shoot plastic balls. The distance which can be successfully carried out combat interaction reaches 60-70 meters.

As in pinball, here there are various types of games ranging from simple command «despatches» and ending with the maintenance of territories and capture the flag. You probably will be pleased with the variety of weapons, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The rate of some samples reaches 400-450 rounds per minute. Other optical sight to help «remove» the other team with a large distance.

In General, I advise at least once to take part in this military action, ideally in the company of his friends) Adrenaline is through the roof here, especially when in your direction throw a grenade or shoot with the grenade launcher))). Well, if this topic is more to your liking, then you can more seriously address this case was engaged in the reconstruction of the army of any country, and joining one of the clubs.




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