AIDS or no AIDS?

manygoodtips.com_6.05.2015_duK1LCdtQt7FqSomewhere deep underground, near the core, in the secret catacombs, covered with marble and gold, sitting the evil Freemasons and trying to come up with a new disease that will destroy the world. At least that is the impression, because in the last decade we have experienced so many «amazing» diseases, from avian flu to AIDS, and every disease predicted the impending extinction of humanity.

I remember in my hometown draft Board, passing a medical examination and sitting in his underwear to smelling socks and then the hallway side by side with the same potential recruits, I studied social is conveniently hung near the doctors ‘ offices. Half of them were somehow not dedicated to the virtues of military service, and the guile of AIDS. Like, a rookie, know that the real enemy not at the front, and promiscuity. Next was a poster which listed victims of AIDS. Among others were noticed such major figures as Freddie mercury and Rudolf Nureyev. Poster eloquently and clearly hinted that the grave boys brought not so much AIDS much fascination with male Asses and other bodies. On the poster were indicated victims of heroin, as, for example, was afraid of needles and prefer her soft drugs and excessive drinking Jim Morrison, loved the antidepressants Elvis and the famous shooter of the Shotgun Kurt Cobain. But we will not discuss the quality of the propaganda of our defense industry. The point is that Willy-nilly about AIDS it made me think.

For the first time about the existence of a new disease to the world became known on 5 June 1981 from the immunologist from Los Angeles Michael Gottlieb, who observed a sharp drop in immunity in five homosexuals. And in 1984, at a press conference in Washington, the Director of the Institute of human Virology University of Maryland, Dr. Robert Gallo announced that he was able to identify the human immunodeficiency virus – people just HIV. And then it has been suggested that this virus causes a terrible disease, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Speculation quickly became fact, and AIDS has become the worst diagnosis the XX century: the doctors said it was incurable and spread throughout the world with unprecedented speed. Since suffer.

In General, between AIDS and HIV there is a difference. Judge for yourself:

Syndrome – a sign of weakened for a number of reasons of immunity: bad ecology, nutrition, stress, disease, etc.

HIV is a virus that destroys the human immune system and causes immune deficiency, and then supposedly to the death.

But the point is not even that. More interesting. If you listen to the doctors, the AIDS disease is a terrible, cruel and, most importantly, cunning. Firstly, he, unlike other infections, searches for the patient by sex and age, arranging ruthless genocide of Africans (well, it is clear: the poor can’t defend themselves), men–drug addicts and homosexuals age 20-40 years, who account for 90% of patients. Thousands of HIV-positive people around the world continue to lead active sex lives with their partners, and here’s the weird thing: the heterosexual partners do not become infected, and in the unfortunate lesbians and gays every second picks up a nasty virus. What intolerant disease.

And secondly, HIV is so tricky that doctors for more than 20 years have not learned to treat it. But continue to heal «speotyto» of pneumonia, tuberculosis and cancer.

All this rather suggests to us in a very insidious and poorly understood failures in immune system, and about any Plague era» out of the question.

As for our immense», there is generally an utter mess. According to official estimates, from AIDS 200,000 people. According to unofficial – more than 2 million, 146 million of us, each 73 – speonk? It turns out that you, or your friend, or friend of a friend needs to know at least one HIV-infected. You know? I’m not. I’ll tell you more, I have interviewed most of my small circle of friends to see if any of them are unhappy. Fortunately, I have met people who walked around the mountain to observe the terminally ill person. I do not argue that they suffer from HIV is, but how so many of them? It is clear that these informal, but the number is impressive.

In General, according to the doctors, is still an incurable disease of humanity has long should slowly die out. However, this is not happening even in the dark, creepy AIDS in parts of Africa. The black continent, where the first black guy somehow got from monkeys miserable sore, still multiplying rapidly.

Just think, every year in Russia alone from this shit kills 500 people. Their number is not growing, but a growing number of funds allocated for the study and treatment of «plague». For example, for the treatment of one such patient spent 5, if not lucky, and if you’re lucky, 10 thousand dollars. A lot at the current rate. And how much is channelled to an international Fund to fight AIDS to the UN!.. For the money it is possible to establish, say, Albania.

Well, needless to say how much the increased sales of condoms and syringes. For example, during the first year after the discovery of AIDS, the volume increased by 400%.

Well, politicians have long used to use all sorts of tragedy to your benefit. One of the first was a very mediocre actor, who thanks to his excellent organizational skills amused the country as President of the United States. Yes, I’m talking about Ronald Reagan. In 1984 in preparation for the re-election of old Ronnie secured the maximum of votes, showing unprecedented concern for the millions of sexual minorities inhabiting the «rotten» West. By the way, did not go far and Yeltsin, who has spent all his royalties for the book «the Confession on the set subject» for the purchase of disposable syringes from Germany. Apparently, preparing Goodies to addicts. Let’s hear it for health! It’s so Patriotic to spend the money to charity abroad. However, Gorbachev opened a Fund to help victims of the flooding in New Orleans, somehow forgetting about the victims of the earthquake in Spitak and Chernobyl, which occurred in his reign. Well, okay.

Doctors say that the virus no one has ever nor in any laboratories not seen. Immune deficiency SYNDROME exists, but no human immunodeficiency VIRUS is not, was not and cannot be. Causes of acquired immunodeficiency may be a variety of: radiation, the effect of certain drugs, a number of other diseases, poor environment, stress, psychological trauma and even poor nutrition. In this anxious time to kill the immune system simple. So say the professionals. So it becomes embarrassing to those physicians who long ago were accused of infected donors. In many countries, and even in you, AIDS has spread supposedly so tragic: doctors have overlooked infected citizen, he took the blood and distributed to all in need. Now, it appears that to be that could not.

However, this does not negate the fact that sit on the rim of the toilet bowl in a public toilet is still dangerous. Plenty of other afflictions, which has put your poor immunity. And pull a patient’s gut is not very nice.

And the legendary and evil to destroy the Avengers, which scatter everywhere infected syringes may exist, but to get hepatitis is also not very nice. And besides HIV, there are other unpleasant infections.

There is an interesting story that you probably heard. It’s about a 26-year-old resident of Kaliningrad, Nikolay Kolesnikov, who is infected with HIV for over sixteen years. Four years ago, he participated in the experiment to test new AIDS drugs «Armenicum» and now every year he goes to Yerevan for control tests. Helps him medications? It is not clear. How then he had lived the previous 12 years?

Though his blood still detected the virus, nick says he feels fine. He was off his meds, works as a Builder, he’s married and dreams of soon becoming a father. By the way, the doctors gave the green light for the child. And surprisingly, the wife was still infected.

Political strategists warn that once the noise around the ill-fated plague in recent years has declined, and very soon scientists are alarmed or open incredibly expensive, but as we understand it, useless medicine, or think the virus mutated and learned to transmitted by airborne droplets. And start so-called «Ebola syndrome», when all the news will blow the countless victims. By the way, does anyone remember the last time I mentioned about Ebola? With all this mess concerning sanctions and other delights of political relations, even the Americans forgot about the strange and incurable disease. Maybe Ebola just offended that it pays little attention, and left?

Well, if the version AIDS does not pass, then invent another mysterious flu, from which there is no cure, which reputable doctors will refuse to speak (not to defame the honour and name), and for the prevention of disease will be used only insanely expensive drugs. I propose to call the flu, in a fashion, «enotik». What these animals is now in Vogue, the «producers» can’t go wrong. Well, the first victim, as always, no one will see.

By the way, here is more information for thought. The representatives of the Finno-Ugric group (Hungarians, Finns, Estonians, Mordvins) are immune to HIV, and now you need to study the set of genes of representatives of the glorious nation. This is how much money can be spent on studying the problem! Most importantly, do not rush to not to arouse suspicion.

In fact, we are not saying that infection is not present. Despite the fact that the facts and authoritative opinion causes us to reverse. While not officially say that the disease is not present, it is better to be on the alert. And don’t forget that birth control is the best friend of young people. Who knows what besides HIV that could make you stand?

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