Aging Megahouse Vasya Strelnikov

Do you know, dear reader, the true legends? Not vibrant of Bruce Lee, not gutta-percha, Mick Jagger, and a true legend of Russian entertainment, teen idol zero and just a good man? Very sorry, reader, if you do not remember, because Vasya Strelnikov is one of the best events in the show business, a symbol of MTV, which you can watch, youth Joker who entertained unlike many contemporary a leading. And now Vasya is a downed pilot and, as he calls himself, «old vegetable» and «aging megaverse», which I heard something, but what exactly don’t remember. We all owe him such an amazing phenomenon of Russian podcast. But about all under the order.

As expected from Dickens, we must start from birth. And here the most interesting person was born with a simple Russian name Vasya in new York. All because his father was a prominent journalist-foreign Affairs specialist. And under 13 years eat itself Bob the big Macs and chickens, until suddenly it’s time to meet the edge buhih bears. After a noisy business NY, with smiling people and delicious Fanta, nervous angry residents, spitting and blowing his nose on the street, not very impressed guy.

I was very troubled and didn’t want to learn, especially in the Soviet school. At some pathological level, hated the Soviet school and the Soviet Embassy. Hence, poor performance, terrible anti-social behaviour and the continuing challenges of parents in school.Strelnikova really wanted to stay away from the pioneers, and the pioneers didn’t really like him speaks incorrect Russian and tried chewing gum sneakers fancy. But outcast he, too, was not.

Before becoming aged megavitamin, Basil thought long and hard where to go. Parents, respected and very successful, even by modern standards, the people, wanted to identify the Bob diplomats or journalists. But there was one big «But»:

…I realized that I was no journalist will not work and I do not at all wonder, the more I spoke and wrote in Russian. Perhaps on my tombstone chalkboard label will be misspelled…

Then someone suggested a good photographing Strelnikova be served on the operator in cinematography. Bob took pictures for 2 films a day, he himself showed, almost a year working on the film in the darkroom and wore a black robe. But perfect English did not go unnoticed.

Hairy in 1980, when the future hero of «aggressive-progressive youth» was 17, he got a job as a English speaker in the editorial world Service Radio Moscow, USSR radio and television, where the broadcast melodies and rhythms of the domestic variety.

Vasily Strelnikov (may 14, 1962 – ironically, alive), father of Russian podcasting, radio and television host, «the other the aggressive-progressive youth», «old vegetable», «Mature mega-presenter,» a well-deserved sucker of all countries in their 50s still performs the role of youth Petrosyan, but I must say, the acting is good, unlike some Klebanov. The son of a famous journalist of the era of the scoop, an American correspondent of the newspaper «Pravda» and the pupil Intern from the Soviet Embassy.

I complete th…bore, pardon the expression. I was put texts written by luminaries of Soviet journalism, journalism graduates of universities, KGB boys some wrote comments about how bad America is and how good the Soviet Union. And I was sitting in front of a microphone, reading. Then I was entrusted to read the news. I read the news about how well in the Soviet Union and as you…on throughout the world.And then began to turn-away. The man with brilliant English gave to lead the program at the request of listeners «a Weekend with Basil», where he was able to talk with all sorts of visiting celebrities like Carlos Santana, UB40, Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox. Even managed to chat with benny and Bjorn from ABBA, to which Strelnikova special treatment.

Closer to the mid-70s and I’m not ashamed to say, I was fascinated by the group ABBA. Until their last album. I believe that after the Beatles, this is the second brilliant thing that happened with modern music.Interesting fact. When Bob arrived in the USSR, we first chose a pseudonym Anderson in honor of that funny bearded Swede.

Then there was the first official Soviet hit parade «BEST TWENTY» TASS (TASS TOP 20), which was translated «dear friends» during transatlantic flights. His voice spoke the heroes of the film «Cruel romance» cartoon «Nu, pogodi!» and «Holidays in Prostokvashino» in the United States and Soviet schoolchildren with its filing have mastered the wisdom of the English dialect. Fortunately, the voice of Basil really wonderful.

The hour has come for Alex at the legendary hard rock epic called Peace Festival «Moscow Music and Peace Festival» in the Luzhniki stadium. Then the country was visited by Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, which was a hundred times more popular than the Snoop Dog. The stars showed the Bolshoi theatre Sparrow hills, and they wanted grub, hell vodka, trash, intoxication and heifers, and that was doing Bob.

They were in a very poor state of mind. Because these young millionaires were settled in the hotel «Ukraine». They were all amazed at the number of soldiers on the street. And the fact that there’s nothing you can buy that for a block of Marlboro lights on all day to hire a huge «Icarus» and ride.Bob is very fond of rock stars, who could not understand how absolutely American guy with the weird name «Vasili… Kuat… Vaseline» (they could say) lives «Siberia». He even decided to steal Sam Bach… well, not Johann Sebastian, just Sebastian Bach, the leader of VIA Skid Row. He liked Basil, he even offered him a crazy escape plan. But am touched by this concern Strelnikov sensibly reasoned, what problems it threatens his mother, and politely declined.

And for good reason. Came the 90s, appeared immediately became Archimedean radio «Echo of Moscow». During the October putsch of 1993 Bob came to live under the roar of the fire, lying on the ground and hiding behind bulky cellular telephone apparatus of the first generation, thinking at the same time, he said, some missed opportunities.

2 August of 1993, my friend Mike went in Sofrino, at the House of art radio and television of the USSR. The weather was wonderful, lots of friendly ladies. One of them I even woke up in the morning. And we are so carried away with it that Sunday knew nothing – that in Moscow have already started a civil war. In short, we arrive in Moscow and come just in the civil war!.. And in the heat we decide to conduct a live broadcast from Ostankino. There was certainly no journalistic heroism, I wanted the ratings – that’s all!.. Crazy was some bullshit. I get out of the car with the transmitter, stand on the spot near the pond and then straight at me drove Armored personnel carriers! The bullets are flying – I lie in the mud at the Ostankino pond and try to live to describe what is happening. On the ground, in the mud lie… One single thought left me at that moment – what was the name of the girl I woke up, and why I didn’t sleep in the morning.Later it was many programs on the «Echo» and «news of show business» on NTV. But who cares, after all, approaching the era of MTV, where our hero is inextricably linked.

Channel needed someone with a unique voice and excess raspizdyaystvo in the body, it should be fun. It all started with «Wikander Caprice» – an interactive show live, I was talking to the youth, who asked «to put «Scooter» and «Hands up.» The frame was created shaped mezhdusoboynyh farce. Bob talked not only with the audience but with his producer Natalia Kapustin, operator Sasha Cameras and a strange doll named Seva.

All this immediate shameless, but hilarious farce was new for the spectators, and Bob instantly became an idol. His signature phrase was quoted on the streets and became popular as a commercial break Jakubowicz: «dooooozzzzzzvidanya!», «Hello, children!», «Natasha, music!» «Smile-it’s very annoying», «Bridges of love and friendship», «How touching!» and, of course, «Loch is the fate of» forever securing Strelnikova an honorary hick RF, smart person, even a song from that phrase did. All these phrases lose their charm without the Americanized Russian Vasey.

In parallel, work was carried out over a parody of the American «Back in the 90» – «back in the 80s», where he talked about rock of the 80s, but the success of this was similar to the attempts of Albania to seem like a normal country. Special love the show to no avail.

After the closure of the Caprice, a new creation, Basil – «Quiet time». The format remained the same, and the jokes became tighter. Live studios erotic beauties defiled, and the level of lunacy has increased considerably. But suddenly it is over: the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the channel Zosimov left, and to promote clowning and farce broadcast new channel management refused. And, as it turned out, not in vain.

As a result, the peak of popularity of «Quiet Hours» were closed and «megaverse», it would seem, needs to move to a new level of existence, but not developed.

First was the transfer of «Bob in da house». But this podelio as the next transmission it is not fated long to please the viewer. At a later time to a wide audience, it was interesting to look molodyascheysya Vasya. Better porn on «Ren-TV».

The name «Bob in da house» was the main reason for the closure of the transfer. The name came from the black neighborhoods of America. Means something like: «Today, here in the house lights up Bob!» Unfortunately, this proved to be too difficult. The viewer opened the program, stared: «What do we have today? VA-SIA-s-house… Strange that washi name!»Then was the «brainiacs,» that was remembered by his co-host. And as if all was well, even Bob, look like Christopher Lloyd from «Back to the future». But experiments that they were doing, Bob the emphasis is not understood. Sluggish shots in the face of the program «Oops!», «Sellers of fear» remained practically unnoticed, and the Vassili left the television, confusing and not interested in the sequel.

I realized that I have to go with radio and television, because there was no alternative. I wanted something living. I took a timeout, went to live outside the city and stopped to watch the TV and listen to the radio».It was there for a bottle of Jack Daniels he came up with the idea first Russian podcast. The result was the first Russian podcast terminal. At the beginning of the many Basil podcasts a pleasant female voice said the phrase «Surrounded b…b, one lack of spirituality» that could not go unnoticed. The work went, podcasts became popular, some of them even still live, but the problem is that for Russia, the podcast has gone unnoticed. In our country love to write and watch, and the radio fell in a narrow circle. Bob arranged a gathering of podcasters, which was made colorful half-drunk stories, it was fun.

«The Big podcast» was not a highbrow show, just Bob read an interesting heresy, brutal message that told stories from the life of the «old vegetable» and entertained people to the music (in General, did everything the same as on TV), but listen to a familiar, perfect voice, English words will be more «amerikanisierung» than Vladimir Pozner, it was nice. Was still incredible in its warmth video podcasts «Windowsills», is painfully reminiscent of the past grandeur of «quiet hours» (there’s even a Seva). But looking at sitting on the windowsill of Basil, became sad, I really wanted to see it somewhere on the big TV.

But, unfortunately, doing corporate events and Donati will not be full. In 2014 podcast, the assurances Vasey died. Listeners were added, and podcaster could not cope with the task. He did not catch us. Died just after being born. Although, judging by the «Twitch», there is a chance for revival. Anyway, Vasily is not giving up, even mastering «the Periscope». And his return to radio («beacon») is for the money. But even here, Basil manages to stand out from the crowd.

No, it’s just my mental development stopped somewhere, probably at the level of 17 years.Looking at the gray-haired 53-year-old Bob, not married and very sad, unable to remember the evil words that «the Loch is destiny». However, he always tried to be the gay host who is not afraid to make a fool of yourself and to sneer at himself. In our country the leading mocks anyone, but would not shake his reputation as a «superhero of the ether.» Our TV as before wildly conservative, and forever young, a drinker, according to his confession, only on Friday and Saturday and after 11 Basil was not to the court. And his self-irony anyone especially do not need. 53 years, and he’s still Bob, and not Basil. The sonorous voice – that’s ice cream «ekzo» requires sound, but not great TV.

But he has an American passport, given to him by right of birth. And what have you, dear reader?

Well, I got off the plane at the airport «Dzhi EF Kay», two minutes passed passport control, because I have an American passport, I was born there. And here I am standing next to this Desk and suddenly feel the smell of home – this srach air, new York air… a Mixture of industrial dirt and the Atlantic ocean! So instead of having to catch a taxi and go, you begin to wander around the airport. Forty minutes just walking! Listen to the language, went to the airport shop, bought toothpaste. Just. And got extraordinary pleasure from a short dialogue with the seller. As if flew to his home planet, where I was not very long ago.In the era Vasinova dawn, everyone wondered why he had an earring in his right ear. Because, as you know, the right ear is pierced with supporters of forbidden love. And so the most popular question to one of «aggressive-progressive youth» was the question about his orientation. And this despite endless stories about the dashing youth. But the essence of the story is simple.

This earring slammed in my ear, my old friend adventure in Sofrino. Olya-Adidas. A very stylish girl, still… And here are some home party hours in three nights we got into the bath, she took the ear from such a sharp stud – HVAC – and put. And it was her choice – in her right ear.

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