Ageless male dignity

manygoodtips.com_29.05.2014_a0FhMlUJ3h8XPWe already wrote that it is necessary to be able to the woman thought you were a man. This is not the only female requirements to someone she wants to see. We have traits that will attract women at all times – regardless of the ephemeral ideals of beauty, strength and type. She always likes it when…

1. You’re good with her mother and other family members

Respect for mother – a vivid indicator of how you treat women in General. In the end, she was the first woman whom you met in your life and you learned how to use. If you get along well with his family, speak well of relatives, so you can find a common language. Don’t have to call grandparents every day, but send gifts to nephews, periodically talking with my sister and with excitement to submit to her parents will tell her that you are worthy of attention and effort.

2. You get dressed up

Taught us TV is because women give men all, if they know how to look good. Work on your appearance and think about what to wear – and the effect will not keep itself waiting. Do not have to follow fashion to look good: new jeans and a clean t-shirt always look good. Whatever your style, you should look to understand: you’re proud of yourself and feel at ease in these clothes.

3. Do you have any Hobbies

Or basketball, or weekly trips to the antique shop, or Bicycle – anything that makes you special and interesting. The guy whose life consists of one work, bars and friends and then home and TV shows – so she doesn’t see anything special.

4. You make plans

These detailed plans. Realistic plans in the spirit of «let’s do this and that on such a day.» Abstract plans pack you a price, but eventually she will understand that they never come to life, and to take the initiative and say «Let’s» is a sure way to settle the butterflies in her stomach.

5. You have a sense of humor, and not at the expense of others

All from time to time and say funny things, but if you can laugh at his jokes, then this is an obvious advantage. If you can also make a funny joke and not to humiliate anyone around you or friends who are no longer around, this is a huge advantage that it is guaranteed to see and remember.

6. You don’t agree on everything

You have your own Hobbies, you have things to do, do you have specific plans, you don’t need instructions on what to do and where to go – in General, you’re an independent guy, and it perfectly describes you. When you can say to a friend: «Dude, I’m gonna go spend time with his girlfriend,» and agrees to go out with friends to a bar, so they don’t think you’re weak, it’s appreciated by women. The ability to announce its plans and act according to their words and the ladies appreciate it, especially now that they have partially assumed some of the male roles.

7. You don’t change beyond recognition in the circle of his friends

Otherwise, she (and only she) has the right to call you a hypocrite. The best way to know a sincere person to see him in different companies. You’re not trying to be anything, do not climb out of the skin, you just are. You can invite a girl into the circle of his friends and not feel embarrassed for having taken in your circle of jokes and how you had to behave. She gets to know you in person that sits at the bar along with a few other dudes. Then it will be you to cherish.

8. You know how to listen

If you don’t listen, don’t justify it with the excuse: «I can’t stand to hear, I need to immediately solve the problem.» You do not seem… insincere? To sit and listen – it’s awkward and weird, but sometimes women need just that. Just sit down, shut up and nod. Insert a brief comment where necessary. She doesn’t always need your decision – sometimes it is enough and simple attention.

9. You say trivia

You can text her just to say Hello, or video that she might enjoy. You spontaneously buy a bottle of wine at dinner just because you feel like it. Don’t ask and just do. And it’s appreciated by women. They understand the little things better than words.

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