Age is not a joy: myths about adult life

manygoodtips.com_21.12.2013_59dmBpEzQuIT9In childhood, everything looks different. When you don’t know what to do, the adults decide everything for you. Adults know everything and can do everything! Adults will not let you fall will take care of you and arrange everything in the best way. At the tender age of are you sure that when you grow up, will be a completely different person: you’re smart, I’m sure you all protect and help. As a result, in twenty you’re still fantasizing about «When I grow up…» even when you have nowhere to expand. We were wrong, thinking about adult life?

1. You can just pick it up and become an adult

Before adults seemed to me the people who know everything about life. I always wanted to have their comprehensive knowledge, their invaluable life skills — if I had in one fell swoop jump over ten years, and from schoolboy to become a full-fledged man, I would not hesitate a single minute. When you are small, nobody takes you seriously, and respect you so desire!

What really? Unconditionally respect any adult only children, and it is because thus saith the social Protocol. When you realize this is gonna be your first existential crisis that leads to two natural questions:

Who knows what he’s doing? (No one).

Who knew life? (No one).

Adults are the same kids, but bigger in size and have lived a little longer, which helped them to develop a superiority complex. In adults the same problems — with only one difference that they must independently cope with them. Skills do not appear together with age and quite often we have to go through moments of shame.

2. I’ll be special

Parents of children praised for everything — even for the fact that, in principle, does not require any assessment. Ever notice that? «Have you eaten? Yes. — Well done.» We got used to it and don’t even notice these things, but from childhood accustomed to feel special and worthy of all praise. Each of us believes himself to be a unique snowflake.

I remember in school, when the competitions were held in football team of our class always occupied the last place. Hell, we know why. I never had any sympathy for football, personally I prefer games where the ball need to touch, but Oh well, it’s not my feeble excuses. The point is, we were given a consolation prize. Prize! The prize for what we’ve achieved nothing.

When children are brought up in this spirit, you enter into life, they have absolutely no life experience. Here’s lost illusions. Of the unique treasures we have become disposable goods. All the same, though equally insignificant. It turns out, when all consider themselves special, in fact one is not.

3. You have a cool job

Honestly, I don’t know a single person that would say about your work only good. Work gives us money and allows us to feel useful, but to be honest: many people can’t wait to work on Monday morning? When you’re an adult, all you’re expected to do some thankless task and get paid for it. To pay the rent, pay for food, pay for gasoline. Just as it is.

Do you remember school? I remember writing about who you want to be when you grow up? I remember when we thought that we have a choice? Cute were the days.

Unfortunately, any job — the same eggs, only in profile. Unfulfilled dreams and unmet aspirations.

4. You think life will be like for the holidays

In my school days, every time I was looking forward to the summer holidays. Finally the time will come when I don’t need to learn anything! It would be cool! Finally come to your last summer holidays — at the moment you do not yet realize. Friends are leaving one by one, disappear from your life, you’re looking for a job in another city — and you don’t have a magical summer vacation.

Now the summer is exactly the same time of year as spring, winter or autumn. You don’t get him much pleasure. One day shifts to another, week to another, and then they come together in the months and years. In the summer you just sweat more, but no longer looking forward to it.

5. Being an adult is freedom

Children can kick a noodle and do silly things that are not allowed for adults. I dropped from the window of condoms filled with water, and threw eggs at passers-by — after that I, of course, waiting for a reprimand, but nothing serious yet not. No one called the police, not tried to put me away for fifteen days and did not take with me fine.

I much got away with it: damage to property, disorderly conduct, alcohol use until adulthood. I did different stuff, and I’m not alone. All did, and they got away with it.

When you become an adult, freedom somehow automatically becomes less: the feeling that the state is experiencing great pleasure in applying repressive worlds. Moreover, the punishment is usually much more than perfect after the offense.

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