Against the system: hipsters

manygoodtips.com_11.02.2015_wgIOCUovp6lC2Undoubtedly, every man heard the word «hipster» knows about them at least something, and maybe someone a hipster is, perhaps, without knowing it.

Specific and clear description of this subculture is difficult to give, but we can easily follow the trends that will help to fit everything into a certain image, though in many it has developed. The history of hipsters as a subculture goes to the middle of the last century, to the beatniks, who in the 60th years gradually turned into a hippie. The idea of the beat culture was the denial of US foreign policy, common social values, the so-called American dream. This was accompanied by the gaining popularity of non-traditional sexual orientation, musical worship, the use of soft drugs. Then among the beatniks came the word «Hip» meaning «to be in the subject,» and those who «were in», and become the hipsters of the time, and later the hippies. Hipsters were the «ocilobopen» party, which was formed around jazz musicians, strangely dressed, do not neglect the constant drinking and drugs are a way of life. However, that generation remained only on the pages of the books of Burroughs and Kerouac.

It is XXI century and here and there we hear the already familiar to our ears the word «hipster». Reborn hip-culture, some sort of perverted and trivialized, has adopted those same hipsters idea of non-conformism. And now we see the alleged spitting on public opinion, «creative», weird (but sometimes very stylishly) dressed young people mainly aged 16-25. It is not strange, that desire to stand out from the crowd to show their independence, formed as a subculture of hipsters. «Separated and independent,» they are feeling are «one size fits all» trying to match hypstercom outfit in clothes, Hobbies, art and literature. Public opinion, to which they do not care, come up with a completely different side and still imposed their hipster orders. 99% of the modern hipster brand socially inactive and apolitical, they live by the principle: «I’m not bothering anyone, and no one touches me». However, it remains the percentage interest in politics, associating himself with the bourgeois youth of the pre-revolutionary time.

For the sake feature of the modern hipster – the desire to emphasize his creative nature, even if nature is not creative. Hipsters need to understand the music, and even better to play on some instrument. Style of music – more indie, less jazz, trip-hop, Brit-rock. However, Indy can be attributed to any musical genre, artist, which is quite distinctive, and the less people know about it, the more value for the hipster has his work. Movie – of course, Arthouse, and preferably such that even the Director was not well understood.

Hipster is a Hipster with a capital «X», if, in the expression of his artistic personality by doing blogs and diaries, talks about trends in art and fashion takes some especially creative position a La designer, photographer, advertiser, marketer.

How to recognize a hipster, you ask? If Metalist can be found on the glistening leather coat and hair, trembling under the appropriate music, the roleplayer – the costume of Gandalf, and the Rasta – red eyes, the hipster can be recognized both in appearance and action that they are committed.

What to clothing and attributes, the hipsters manage to combine the latest fashion trends with a vintage or retro that looks very stylish. A special honor – clothing and accessories are hand-made, second-hand. If you’re seeing fits this description dude, don’t jump to conclusions: maybe he just found a grandma sweater and I decided to drive it a couple of days. But if the guy in the same sweater takes the picture of the bow makes your latte from Starbucks on a moribund, but this vintage Zenit – congratulations, you found the hipster! Their natural habitat – all the new-fangled secular and not really parties, exhibitions, shows.

manygoodtips.com_11.02.2015_IsEgPVZXUWkNIUnfortunately, modern hip culture-nothing more than a fad, a superficial and frivolous. The generation born in the new capitalist democratic country puts the material above the spiritual, forgetting about the ideas and beliefs: clothing and shoes, accessories with the bitten Apple, cameras and Moleskine, the illusion of animation – just to «be subject». Remember, dude, the main thing is not to «be in», and be yourself.

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