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manygoodtips.com_6.02.2015_YlwKbvDzS8IMoToday we continue to dive with the history of subcultures. And we have all known children of color.

Brief epoch of beatniks gone, and in their place came hippies, also yearning for freedom in all senses of the word. One of the most famous subcultures openly sang the «doing nothing» (of course, with the money of honest taxpayers), striking in Zen Buddhism, an acid trip, pacifism and preaching free love.

The word «hippie» came from the slang of the beatniks, where «hip» had many meanings, from «to be right» and «be subject» to «cool» and «cool». And, judging from the name, the hippie has positioned itself as a «correct and cool» subculture.

In the 60-80s of the twentieth century, appearing in America, the ideology of the hippie immediately spread throughout Europe. Surprisingly, in the Soviet Union subculture emerged at the same time, but not as usual – with a delay of 10 years (yeah, dude, your parents are a little «Hippolyte»).

manygoodtips.com_6.02.2015_cZjx7TgRzfy0rTheir cultural protest and non-conformist views, the hippies inherited the beatniks, diluting it’s all active pacifism and vegetarianism, unlike his predecessors. Hippies were ardent opponents of nuclear weapons, military service and the Vietnam war. Characteristic difference from the beatniks – independence from material values, a desire to be closer to nature.

However, the ideology of the hippies was simple: people got to be free free from all conventions. But what has caused this «freedom» is a well – known promiscuous free love, mind-expanding drugs, a fascination with Eastern philosophy and religion and actively doing nothing. In fact, exactly what I was doing the hippie was to the music, the drugs, the posters «make love not war» and to gather in the commune, camps in which they existed. The commune was often formed in small towns, where you can find an abandoned house, populated it and run the economy. Another favorite dwelling place was a hippie vans and buses, which, moreover, it was possible to travel and, not least, paint them in bright colors to draw on their flowers. Traveled hippies, of course, in search of freedom, and that can make you more free than the absence of money even on the road? That’s right – nothing, so the masses were hitchhiking. Do hippies believed that the work chains, to be gotten rid of, and if one of them was earned, it was the artisans who were doing baubles, bags, bracelets and other hand-made.

«Turn off your mind, relax, go with the flow,

it is not dying it is not dying

stop your thoughts, surrender to the void,

she light glow…»

The Beatles

The appearance of hippies known to everyone: long hair (so they were closer to nature, and some individuals even believed that it is an antenna for communication with the cosmic mind), the headband, jeans or denim jackets and, of course, baubles, lots of baubles, lots and lots of baubles. Flower children called them over woven into hair flowers.

There are three main symbol of the hippies: the Volkswagen bus, a symbol of «the Pacific» and the Yin-Yang. And if the second two are clear, then the first character is quite interesting. Minibus «Volkswagen» (and as mentioned above, hippies – even those fans of buses) is one of the most striking symbols of the hippie, just seems to be painted in bright colors, with a huge VW logo on the radiator grille. Who would have thought that this clumsy van will be the symbol of an era?

manygoodtips.com_6.02.2015_PSgDs61xyIDOPA special role in the life of a hippie music was playing. The icons for them were Jim Morrison and The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jefferson airplane and, of course, The Beatles, whose song «All you need is love» accurately reflects the worldview of the hippies. At the time, began to gain momentum psychedelic rock that creates a LSD-trip. We all know about the legendary «Woodstock» – three days of the festival at the farm max’s Jaguar, which drew half a million hippies from different parts of America. Pacifism pacifism, and the police there, it was too much. Some could not stand three days of music, poor organization of the festival, drugs and sex, and do not want to name the number of deaths from overdose and pandemonium, but the story of this festival is rather deplorable.

In the history of the hippies of the commune and society, pacifism left on the second plan, organize attacks on the police and quite aggressive anti-war demonstrations. Also notorious is the story of Charles Manson and his commune, but let’s not talk about the bad.

hippieFor short age hippies developed certain traditions. Perhaps the biggest and the most famous of them – «meeting of the rainbow», «Rainbow gathering». July 4, 1972, in independence day, a thousand peaceful long-haired guys gathered at table mountain, Colorado, and start to do pacifism, or rather, be silent, hand in hand, thus trying to achieve peace in the world and say «no to war».

In General, hippies have influenced the lives of many, despite a kind of aimlessness of existence; some of them found the freedom I was looking for. They became a symbol of an era, senseless and merciless, but which can not be forgotten.

The world, man!

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