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beatniksHuman society has always been divided into layers, classes, groups with specific characteristics. In our time, the boundaries of such classifications, of course, became less visible than before, and some had disappeared altogether.

However, the social group that stands out among the total mass of its features, ideas, beliefs, political views, appearance, tastes and preferences, always was, is and will exist. Subcultures quite a lot, but we decided to talk about the three most popular and important, in our view, and let’s start with one of the most striking and interesting, gave rise to many sub-cultures of modernity – the beat generation, or beatniks.

Bit-culture was born in the postwar years (1950), when the University of California met four young writer: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassidy and William Burroughs. Milling about aimlessly with a bored look on the streets, they tried to go beyond the traditional literature, rejecting the generally accepted standards of art and American politics and life in General. Later they began to join other creative young people and the youth of the middle class like non-conformist views.

«We are the beatniks, man. Hipster – so blessed, it means that you have a beating heart, it means something. It invented me.»

Jack Kerouac.

Beat generation (beat generation) owes its name to Jack Kerouac – you can tell the founder and ideological leader of the beatniks. Then the word «beat» has meant in the vernacular «battered by life», «tired», however, invented the neologism of «beatitude» (from the words beat and attitude, «a weary attitude to life»), Kerouac finally secured the name of a generation: the beat generation. The word «bit» also had another meaning: it is called the musical rhythm in jazz. And what could accompany their literary revolt, not like bebop jazz, a symbol of musical rebellion? Then musical idols of beatniks became the founders of bebop, the legendary miles Davis, dizzy Gillespie, and icon Charlie Parker, whose style of life was not alien to the beatniks. With bebop jazz work of beatniks migrated this technique as spontaneity became one of the main literary techniques Kerouac. Jack called to write spontaneously, uncomplicated and freely proposing to not even use punctuation, and spaces only be used to emphasize the tone, to exhale or inhale before a new thought.

beatniksIn the work of beatniks was considered quite normal so-called «psychedelic insight», the drugs had taken place in their lives, but that was not the main source of inspiration. At the time among people in the arts have not yet occurred drug boom, but the life of your favorite beat miles Davis and Charlie Parker was cut short thanks to drugs.

Interesting fact that slang as we know it, originated in a bit of culture. For example, the ubiquitous American «cool» and later became a rock-n-roll stamp «live fast die young» (live fast, die young) appeared just then. Externally, the beat was easy to see on black trousers, a beard, long hair, black glasses, sandals, and the caricatures they are often portrayed Bongo (African drums).

manygoodtips.com_2.02.2015_P4GzRWEOfTAw1The «Bible» of banicescu considered novel by Jack Kerouac «on the road», which incorporates all the ideas of the beat generation, freedom, rejection of traditional values. The novel was written in three weeks and true on the road: Kerouac wandered after he was retired from the Navy due to suspected schizoid personality disorder that among the beatniks, then, was the norm. At first Jack wanted his book published by the roll below, turning each piece, the reader felt the same movement that he, during his wanderings. Due to the fact that a lot of emotions, thoughts and feelings, which falls on the writer, it is difficult to adapt to the reader (and perhaps Kerouac just didn’t see the point), the works of Kerouac is not easy to read or in translation, in the original. However, the contribution to literature made by the beatniks is priceless.

«I love crazy, such that want to live wildly, madly want to talk, want to escape wildly who want to have it all, who never yawn and never talk platitudes, but always burn, burn, burn.»

«On the road», Jack Kerouac.

Beatniks were quite aggressively opposed to the American «system», inspired by Marxism and Russian anarchism. On the road paved with drugs, alcohol, sexual orientation, revolt in all possible manifestations, they came to oblivion, perhaps realizing that the best way to avoid a system, which they opposed to inward.

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